Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Tuesday 20 December

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Legal sector ‘at risk’ without Brexit guarantees [BBC News]

Uncollected court fines and surcharges now total £747m, says MoJ [The Guardian]

Katie Hopkins and the judiciary: another pointless lie [Secret Barrister]

Has Keith Vaz broken the law? UK rules on paying for drugs and sex with prostitutes may not be as clear as you think [The Sun]

Britain’s foreign aid law is a scandal that abuses the country’s generosity. It must be scrapped [The Telegraph]

‘Threatening our sovereignty!’ Ireland blasts EU for ‘exceeding powers’ with Apple ruling [Express]

Judge rules pet dogs cannot be treated as children in Canada custody dispute [The Guardian]

Four ways Donald Trump could be guilty of treason, law expert reveals [The Independent]

Spring and summer vacation schemes [Legal Cheek Hub]

“LOL this is a joke right?! Other than health issues, I haven’t seen one negative academic issue here that firms will say a straight NO to! As & Bs at Alevel, above average 2.1 at RG…” [Legal Cheek comments]

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Not Amused

The EU will destroy Ireland’s economy. They will have to face a stark choice of ‘head’ (voting to leave and, by retaining low corporate tax rates, having an economy) or ‘heart’ (voting to stay because they believe in the ideal).

That is extremely sad and entirely unnecessary. It is but one more line on the incredibly long list of EU self inflicted wounds. The people of Ireland are stark ideological supporters of the project – but they also have to eat.

I used to believe in the EU myself, stark reality forced me to vote leave. Now I have I’ll be glad to be rid of it. Poor old Ireland will now have to ‘do a David Cameron’ and run around the EU institutions desperately trying to get them to reform – desperately trying to stop them pointing the gun at their own feet. Best of luck to them.


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