Top barrister takes to Twitter to reveal what law schools don’t (but really should) teach their students

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By Thomas Connelly on

“Get used to being the only one on the train platform”


A top barrister has shared an amusing list of things he feels should be included on law school syllabuses with his Twitter followers.

Lifting the lid on what life is really like at the bar, this morning Gordon Exall — who is a civil law specialist at Leeds’ Zenith Chambers and London-based set Hardwicke — published a series of tweets entitled “what they don’t teach you in law school”.

So if you see yourself as the next Clive Reader or Martha Costello, put down that land law textbook (which, let’s face it, is still in its cellophane wrapper) and feast your eyes on the tweets below:

If you think that Monday morning EU law lecture is a pain, think again.

Technology WILL let you down.

So back everything up.

Parking charges will become your new worst enemy.

Rush hour? What rush hour?

Familiarise yourself with crap robing rooms across the country.

Time management is key.

Spotting Exall’s nuggets of law school gold, it didn’t take long for more lawyers to offer up their own titbits.

Sick day? No chance. Funeral (providing it’s your own)? Possibly.

Coffee is life.

No, not the hip hop singer.

Aspiring lawyers, take note!

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