Top barrister takes to Twitter to reveal what law schools don’t (but really should) teach their students

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“Get used to being the only one on the train platform”


A top barrister has shared an amusing list of things he feels should be included on law school syllabuses with his Twitter followers.

Lifting the lid on what life is really like at the bar, this morning Gordon Exall — who is a civil law specialist at Leeds’ Zenith Chambers and London-based set Hardwicke — published a series of tweets entitled “what they don’t teach you in law school”.

So if you see yourself as the next Clive Reader or Martha Costello, put down that land law textbook (which, let’s face it, is still in its cellophane wrapper) and feast your eyes on the tweets below:

If you think that Monday morning EU law lecture is a pain, think again.

Technology WILL let you down.

So back everything up.

Parking charges will become your new worst enemy.

Rush hour? What rush hour?

Familiarise yourself with crap robing rooms across the country.

Time management is key.

Spotting Exall’s nuggets of law school gold, it didn’t take long for more lawyers to offer up their own titbits.

Sick day? No chance. Funeral (providing it’s your own)? Possibly.

Coffee is life.

No, not the hip hop singer.

Aspiring lawyers, take note!

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You won’t be alone on any platform in SE England at 6:30am …


Mr Pineapples

You will if you are using Southern Trains


Mrs Pineapples

But everyone would all be waiting on the platform if it was with Southern Trains!



I think the point he’s making is that as a barrister you travel against the flow of most rail users, for example you’ll be boarding a train at something like 7.30am at Victora Station to get you to Eastbourne County Court for a 10am start. Almost no one is doing that journey at that time; all the traffic is commuters going in the opposite direction. Ditto on the way home: no one is going from Eastbourne to London at 4.45pm. I can vouch for the fact he’s right.



Who the fuck voted this down!?



People who aren’t barristers and never will be.


Bottom following mundane square lawyer

Wow! Another actual lawyer on LC. I must say LC has taken a quantum leap forward in the new year. But in the interests of balanced reporting could we have an article from a bottom barrister?






Mate you’re a bottom.

I’m a fabulous top.

Ooh twinkie.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



This is antisemitic.


Curious George

What did the deleted post say?



Jesus was king of the jews.



“No, not the hip hop singer.”
C’mon Tom, we know you’re not that old and out of touch!



I was called in 2011. Does that make me a ‘top’ or a ‘rookie’ barrister?



Depends: are you married to an actor? Then you are “world renowned” 🙂



They referred to the new chairman of the Junior Bar as a “rookie” a couple of days ago, despite his having been called in 2012, so you may well still be a “rookie”. Appalling impertinence from a load of people who have never practised.



Any rich barristers looking for a date? xxx


Jones Day Partner

My door is always open 😉 ASL



Love the A/S/L reference.

Clearly a fan of the olden days of Microsoft Chat!



Lesson 1:

Don’t spend all day commenting on a two-bit legal gossip site under pseudonym relating to being unhappy, spouting pompous opinions and mentioning the EU referendum all the time, whilst telling remainers to stop talking about it.


Cicero says...

Sorry, but no “top” barrister frequents crap robing rooms across the country. One dresses for court in Chambers and crosses the Strand to go to court.


Lincoln's Snob

No “top” barrister would cross the Strand on the way to court. They would only travel south across Carey Street.


Mr Pineapples


There are top barristers who criminal law – you muppet


Mrs Pineapples

You missed the word “practice”.

Do learn to put a sentence together dear, or you’ll never be a “top” anything.


Master Pineapples

“Practise”, Mummy. We are in the British Isles after all.


Mrs Pineapples

Don’t answer your mother back! Go to your room!


Where’s Lyle when you need him?

I think Trumpenkreig is Lyle reincarnated.


I tell the truth

Is Trumpenkrieg really a lawyer or is he just a knob???


Biq diq

He’s a bit of both, great lad though


Tobermory The Terrible.

Lyle committed suicide aboot six moons ago remember? RIP.



He killed himself after Let’s Go Champ took his soul.


Haggis the Horrible.

Trumpenkrieg is no a McWomble


Lady Lyle of the Isles.

Yes, he couldnae take LC nae more.
He left a suicide note. All it said was “,Let’s Go Champ” . (Sob, Sniffle, Weeps gently)


Big Tam McWomble

Let’s Go Champ is a Full English Smelly Sassenach and I’ll bite his nose aff.



Let’s Go Champ!



Really curious as to criteria for “top” barristerhood. Would welcome clarification from Legal Cheek, as currently I don’t know if putting “top” on my CV would be a bit Lord Harley. An article on the hierarchy, please?



With LC people are either the best or worst at something.

Surely it’s not possible to be average or located around the middle of ability?


Scouser of Counsel

That’s me!


eastbourne polyester

FYI Barristers who commute from London to Eastbourne at 7.30am – you can probably book into a B&B the night before, get liver & onions, and play a few games of bingo, for less than the supplement of travelling before 9am! Make the most of it because the Eastbourne CC is closing soon and you’ll be exposed to Hastings where all they have is kebabs…



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