Barrister orders Piers Morgan to retract allegation that he is a ‘liar’

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Karl Turner, who used to be the Shadow Attorney General, in tense stand-off with TV star, who doesn’t seem minded to back down

A top barrister-politician is in a heated social media row with Piers Morgan, that has left both men failing to budge over an allegation of dishonesty.

The spat stems from a Twitter exchange which played out yesterday morning.

It began when Turner — who stepped down from his role as Shadow Attorney General last summer but continues as MP for Hull — took aim at Morgan, tweeting a cheeky gag about how he could no longer watch ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Hitting back at Turner’s early morning jibe, Morgan — who has over five million Twitter followers, among them US President Donald Trump — revealed that the only Hull Labour politician he rated was John Prescott. Ouch.

The online bust-up then spilled over onto the telly with Morgan mentioning the exchange on yesterday’s broadcast of his show. Soon after it reached the Hull Daily Mail, which published a piece containing various quotes from Turner.

This is where things get more complicated. After the article was published Morgan seemed to indicate on Twitter that Turner had claimed someone from ITV had issued an apology. Morgan then reprimanded the Hull Daily Mail for publishing “his lie”.

However, in its current form the Hull Daily Mail article contains no such claim about an ITV apology to Turner.

Nevertheless, Turner is maintaining that he did receive an apology.

Morgan denies this.

Entering lawyer mode, Turner — who used to practise from Wilberforce Chambers in Hull — demanded that Morgan “retract the allegation”.

Morgan then asked to “see or hear” the apology that Turner had apparently received.

At this point another tweeter claimed that a quote had been removed from the Hull Daily Mail’s original article. Refuting this, Turner responded:

This didn’t satisfy Morgan. Claiming once again that Turner was “lying”, he has asked for the name of the ITV employee who has apologised on his behalf.

Where will this end?

Turner is yet to respond to Legal Cheek‘s request for comment.

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Looks like Morgan has scented blood here. I’ve never rated Turner, who seems to have barely practised before somehow getting elected. This could get interesting



Karl who? Is “top” Legal Cheek code for not top?



You’re obviously new here. Welcome.


Not a Fan

Hard to say which of these two is the most repulsive. Piers has some major issues when it comes to dishonesty. Clearly a man who thinks the sun comes up each day just to hear him crow. No wonder Trump is a follower.


Donald Trump




If you want to see pure sanctimonious guff search ‘Karl Turner Jeremy Clarkson’ on Youtube


Anonymous Coward

Time for Karl to put up or shut up actually.



Wilberforce Chambers…in Hull


Not Amused

Oh look ‘another US election’.

(this is going to be my stock phrase to describe a fight between two horrendous and deeply unappealing human beings, each of whom has no redeeming qualities and where the best conceivable outcome is that neither wins and where the terrible inevitability is that one of them might)

Feel free to start using it yourself.



Is it libellous to say that Piers Moron is a cunt ?



I don’t think so, no.



No, because it is true.



It’s not libellous because genitals can’t sue for defamation.



Bit like the Harley thing really- easy to show proof if it exists, non?



Why would anyone knowingly get into this sort of spat with Piers Morgan, a man who has modelled his current career on mimicking Katie Hopkins. He makes his living from creating a stir and generating interest in whatever isssue he can. You start helping him create a stink over something and you are literally putting money in his pockets!!



Two morons looking stupid on Twitter #standard


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