Struck-off City solicitor brushes off spell in jail to win ‘Lawyer of the Year’ award

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He denies sponsoring gong


A struck-off City solicitor who was jailed in 2013 for a series of frauds amounting to in excess of £3 million has bagged himself a ‘Lawyer of the Year’ award.

Andrew Iyer — who was a partner at shipping specialist Ince & Co at the time — syphoned cash from both his clients and the firm in what the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) described as “one of worst cases of fraud” it had ever encountered. He was later jailed for almost five years for his crimes.

But it would appear Iyer has bounced back.

Having set up new “legal services” outfit IYLegal back in 2015, Iyer — who according to the firm’s website is a “commercial lawyer and arbitration specialist” — has gone on to land himself a top award courtesy of Birmingham-based business directory Corporate Livewire.

The company — which also dishes out awards across a number of business sectors — has acknowledged Iyer’s return to the big time and handed him its coveted ‘Lawyer of the Year for Energy & Natural Resources’.

But there’s another interesting twist to this already bizarre story. Iyer’s company logo can be seen on the front cover of Corporate Livewire’s glossy brochure (pictured below) promoting — yes, you guessed it — their legal awards.


However, speaking to Legal Cheek this morning, Iyer denied sponsoring the awards which he said had been supported by another company. He added:

I was notified out of the blue that I had won an award (a real surprise to me) and then later decided to take up their offer of a profile page in the awards booklet for a small fee — like the dozens and dozens of other lawyers also featured.

Corporate Livewire describes its award winners as “proven to be of high caliber, showing a strong motivation and drive to achieve fantastic results within the legal community”. The company adds that its judging panel “placed each shortlisted candidate under acute scrutiny, setting its sights firmly on the most client-focused and dedicated teams and individuals”. Corporate Livewire has not yet responded to Legal Cheek’s request for comment.

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Truly alarming that one can run a “legal services firm”, describing oneself as a lawyer, after being struck off.


Jones Day HR

Enterprising chap …. we have a place for him



The law allows it.



I’ve instructed him; half the price and a much better lawyer than most.






Serious question – how is he still allowed to practice as a solicitor given what he did at Ince&Co?



He isn’t



That’s the problem – he doesn’t call himself a solicitor. He calls himself a lawyer, running a legal services firm. No layperson would be able to tell the difference.



That is the Legal Services Act, not him. He just follows the rules. If you don’t like it change the rules.



*rubs hands together*

I respeck it.



Barely a week goes by without an email informing me that [ I / my chambers] have [been nominated / won] a prestigious award given by [name of business directory I have never otherwise heard of], and if I will only contribute a small sum, they will provide a lovely write up in their material.

I am always surprised by the number of people who actually engage with these things, and even more surprised by those lawyers who publicise their receiving the awards.


Him wot knows stuff

Even the Legal 500 requires payment for an entry.

“Award winning…” often means “paid for self praise” and the write ups given to lawyers in such guides are often self penned.

Self praise is no praise at all.



All lawyers do this, including barristers.



Please. Every City firm is on that band waggon



why was he not struck off for dishonesty?



He was!


Lord Harley

This will be me in five years time.

Just you watch.



Did the crime, paid back the cash, did the time, back in honest business doing ok – the rehabilitation system working as it should!



“paid back the cash”

Where is the evidence that has done that?

The shrugging attitude on here to this filthy crook is part of why other filthy crooks like Phil Shiner become heroes of the legal profession – and why the legal profession is so widely, and rightly, despised.



I’m all for rehab etc – but he should never be allowed to work in the capacity of a lawyer again.



Agreed if the young chap who forged a parking permit can be struck off, then surely this guy must have deserved it too.



You don’t understand rehab; this is exactly what he should be allowed to do having paid his price and reformed. It’s not easy getting clients but still he is back in the game; they must rate him






Another busy morning reading Roll on Friday at Legal Cheek Towers…


Not Amused

RoF won’t load on my PC. I’d rather read it here.



He was struck-off and rightly so, but now he works again in the legal field doing commercial arbitration work, which he is allowed to do – and is good at by all accounts. The point here is that he has clients who choose to instruct him despite his past. However he is labelled, that is the key point and why he can do what he now does – and that is no mean feat, let’s face it.



He may well have clients who are unaware of his past. His website is certainly touting for business, and makes no reference to the little strike-off issue, nor to the time spent at Her Majesty’s pleasure.



Everyone knows, don’t be so naïve. His clients intructure him because he is still good, even knowing his past. Let’s at least be honest about that.


Blacker & Shiner, McKenzie Friends

McKenzie Friends are the future.

Here at Blacker & Shiner we offered unparalleled experience in dealing with professional conduct issues. How to avoid going to your SDT hearing. How to make them run up ridiculous costs. And how to avoid paying them.



clue was in his name



At Ince he was a star. I’m sure he is still a great lawyer now that he’s cleaned up his act.



When this chap was “speaking” to Legal Cheek did he really add brackets in his comments?

Next time just say you emailed him and he replied by email.



He’s a thief who should ever be allowed to practice in any business to which the term ‘legal’ is attached. The blase attitude on here to this crook is contemptible. And then lawyers and solicitors complain that ordinary people tend to suspect that they are dishonest scumbags.


Officious bystander

“proven to be of high caliber…”
Written English skills not a factor then?


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