We asked our Snapchat followers what they’re up to, this is what they said

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By Katie King on

Warning: contains an unhealthy dose of land law

This week, we asked our Snapchat followers what they were up to. The answer: a lot of land law prep, some tutorial-induced binge eating, plus a healthy dose of procrastination.

Here are 13 of our favourite responses.

1. Gross

2. Law students <3 current affairs

3. Another day, another essay ???

4. #prayforEm

5. What a stack

6. Tom Jones > trusts

7. We relate to this on an emotional level

8. Blessed

9. Jurisprudence who?

10. Good luck mooters

11. ☕☕☕

12. #boring

13. Productive

Thank you for all your pictures. Add us on Snapchat here.

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