15 hilarious Legal Cheek Facebook posts to celebrate hitting 50,000 likes

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By Thomas Connelly on

A big thank you to all our readers for helping us reach this social media milestone

This week Legal Cheek’s official Facebook page hit 50,000 likes. As a token of our appreciation, here’s a look back at some of our favourite posts over the past few years, including some from our former ‘HEARD IN A COURTROOM’ series.

1. The joys of being a law student

2. Why do law firms do this?

3. So.Much.Pressure.

4. Surviving a week at law school

5. You can’t be serious?

6. We know you know

7. “Super mean”

8. When jury selection goes wrong

9. When cross examination goes wrong

10. A silk in the making

11. Oh sh*t!

12. Or not

13. Judicial sass

14. Ethical cheating

15. The banter is non-stop in the Supreme Court

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