Cardiff student goes public with LLB regrets and says law school is a quicker way to kill yourself than smoking

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By Katie King on

‘Never, ever study law’, says Ursula Rifat

A final year Cardiff University law student has gone public with her LLB woes, listing what are in her mind “valid reasons” why you should never, ever study the subject.

Ursula Rifat begins her impassioned article by stating:

They say smoking is the most expensive way of killing yourself, however I would argue studying law is probably the costliest and most depressing way of slowly losing the will to live.

With that, the third year Russell Group student tells readers of her The Tab piece that law is boring, depressing and expensive.

It’s not just the LLB itself that’s giving Rifat a headache. Her fellow law students are, in her words, “pretentious” and “unfriendly”. Addressing the stereotypical Hunger Games mentality of the average lawyer, she notes:

We all eyed each other up competitively from day one so I suppose it was inevitable. See that girl over there? She might be the one that takes your Ashfords training contract. To add to this, most people pretend to be cleverer than they are which makes you feel worse.

Rifat — who appears to have an interest in criminal law given her work experience stints with the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service — then tells readers the job prospects for law graduates aren’t that good either. There are “little to no” graduate jobs available for lawyers: there’s not much money in law and 95% of the jobs out there are vacation schemes and training contracts.

Legal Cheek got in touch with Rifat to give her the opportunity to comment further on the article, she declined.

For all those aspiring lawyers out there who feel a little disheartened by Rifat’s article, hopefully Legal Cheek’s ‘16 reasons why law students are better than everyone else’ will perk you up.

If you are struggling with the stresses of studying law, you can contact in complete confidence LawCare here. For more general support you can contact the Samaritans, again confidentially, here.

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