Extract from Lord Denning book describing Sir William Blackstone as ‘too fat’ surfaces online

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Statute books’ namesake apparently did ‘no exercise’ and ‘ate too much’

An extract from a book by law student hero Lord Denning has surfaced online, and in it he describes 18th century jurist Sir William Blackstone as “fat”.

A former judge and politician, Blackstone is widely regarded as one of the best legal minds in history. His book series, Commentaries on the Laws of England, gave a previously-unseen overview of English law and was republished numerous times.

While students around the country continue to engage with Blackstone using his namesake statute books, fellow law student favourite Denning has offered a very different perspective on the celebrated lawyer.

This perspective came in Denning’s book written in the 1980s, What Next in the Law, which was explored at length by Joshua Rozenberg in his latest Legal Cheek Journal article.

h/t: Instagram user @contra_ros

At page 18, under the heading “Too fat”, Denning said Blackstone “ate too much”, did “no exercise”, got “fatter and fatter”, and then died aged 57.

Well, Denning has never been one to mince his words.

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Shame. Now we live in enlightened times and know there is no such thing as fat. Everyone is beautiful, including big-framed boys, girls and non-binary boygirls.


Scouser of Counsel

I self-define as fat.



If some commentator labelled a prominent female lawyer “fat”, you know KK would be all over it, denouncing it as yet another example of sexism in the workplace.

This is why no-one takes feminism seriously anymore. It preaches equality, but in practice promotes man-hating and outright hypocrisy.



Absolutely, the fact that female eighteenth century professionals were able to pursue their careers and intellectual ambitions with the full support of those around them and remain completely insulated from any criticism to this day is really one of the strongest arguments against feminism we have.



‘and remain completely insulated from any criticism…’

That you think women (or anyone) should be entitled to this really says it all…



My dear, I was pointing out the ridiculousness of your comment, not seriously proposing that eighteenth century women or anyone else should be immune from criticism. I am truly sorry you feel that the women are out to put you down. We’re not.



“I am truly sorry you feel that the women are out to put you down”

Someone likes the straw-men today!



“straw-women”, please



How can you totally assume to know what KK would have done or otherwise??? Having a go for no reason and no basis. Dull imagination.



It was pretty clear from his chins.



Ill never understand this childish obsession with Denning.



Lord Denning is my home boy, have you not seen the t-shirts?

Get with the programme will you!!



Those T shirts are so cringe



Real lawyers love curves.



Good – fat people should be shamed into losing weight, for their own good. Blackstone died early – do you want to die early too?



Katie Hopkin is that you?



No just someone who cares about people’s health and the NHS.


Not Amused

We might ask why it is that no one since Blackstone has tried to get law taught in schools.



Lord Denning – THE most overrated judge in legal history



He was no Judge Judy, that’s for sure.


Gymhead Joe

Fat people only make me look more aesthetic by comparison.



Get swole, slay pussy.


Disgusting of Tonbridge Swells



SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya,

We love your Lord Denning here in Russia. We love how he gets the bad guy even if he has to make up the law as he goes along


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