House of Lords fears Brexit uncertainty is already having a detrimental impact on UK legal services

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Baroness Helena Kennedy QC tells Tories to ‘urgently’ adopt interim measures to help stop this

The House of Lords’ EU Justice Sub-Committee has said it’s “concerned” that Brexit uncertainty is impacting the legal sector and urges the government to step in to address this “urgently”.

In its anticipated report, ‘Brexit: justice for families, individuals and businesses?’, the committee considered how a post-Brexit United Kingdom should approach the mutual enforceability of Europe-wide judgments.

At present, this is covered by the Brussels I Regulation (BIR). This law allows EU citizens to bring claims in a certain Member State, and have their judgment enforced in a different Member State. Hugh Mercer QC gives an example: “if you are knocked down in the street in Nicosia, you can bring your claim against the Cypriot insurer in English courts.”

Since the UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016, the predictability and certainty brought about by the BIR has been thrown into turmoil. The Law Society has even told the committee that foreign businesses are already being discouraged from naming English and Welsh courts in their commercial contracts.

With this uncertainty looming, the committee has recommended:

The government urgently needs to address this uncertainty and take steps to mitigate it. We therefore urge the government to consider whether any interim measures could be adopted to address this problem, while the new UK-EU relationship is being negotiated in the two year period under Article 50.

Beyond these interim measures, the Lords and Ladies are keen to secure a BIR-esque agreement once we’ve left the EU. This would have to be done outside of the Great Repeal Bill, because there is no way to domestically legislate reciprocal action on the part of other Member States.

Chairman of the committee Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, who recently spoke to Legal Cheek about her Brexit concerns, concluded the committee’s recommendations by saying:

Unless the government can agree a replacement of the existing rules on mutual recognition of judgments, there will be great uncertainty over access to justice for families, businesses and individuals… We therefore call on the government to secure adequate alternative arrangements, whether as part of a withdrawal agreement or a transitional deal.

Read the full report here:

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For goodness sake, stop whining woman! The people spoken and we are leaving. The sooner you get that into your skull the better!



Brexit has been an amazing business opportunity for committees of all kinds.



We really need to abolish the Lords.


Not Amused

We need a new Hyperbole Law. Or words like ‘urgent’ will lose all meaning.


Scep Tick

Might be worth googling the case of Garry Mann, an innocent who was forced to spend a year in a Portuguese jail because of mutual recognition of EU judgments.

As Day J said, the trial in Portugal had been “so unfair as to be incompatible with the respondent’s right to a fair trial”.

Yet thanks to EU law the UK had to recognize the verdict as legit and send him to serve an unfair sentence.

And he’s not the only victim.



Gary Mann’s case has nothing to do with the Brussels Regulation, which is what this article is about.


SM Trainee

Need to leave the EU asap. UK will become a business powerhouse after Brexit.



Katie, maybe you should have Googled the Lugano Convention before writing this article. And then forwarded Baroness Kennedy the link.



The UK cannot accede to the Lugano Convention without the agreement of the EU and the other contracting states.



This would have to be done outside of the Great Repeal Bill, because there is no way to domestically legislate reciprocal action on the part of other Member States.

This is essentially the core prolem at the heart of Brexit, that has an effect on a wide range of UK-EU relationships.


Air Hair Lair

So you guys are legal professionals? How come all the comments read like they are from Get Britain Aaht ? What next ” Take are country back and control our boarders?”
As a business person I would love to know (seriously)how we become a business powerhouse after we disconnect and alienate our biggest marketplace?

After HSBC axed 8000 jobs recently, my main customer base just stopped buying. Surely all you Lawyers have got plenty of work, yet you’ve stopped spending too.


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