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‘A new Wild West’: Lords urge better oversight of AI in justice

Justice and Home Affairs Committee warns legislation is failing to keep pace with tech

Mar 31 2022 9:50am

‘Oh Lords, take a leaf from the lawyers’ standards’

In the wake of that Lord Kilclooney 'Indian' tweet, mature law student Laurence Cooper casts a critical eye over parliamentary standards

Nov 18 2020 9:17am

Blackstone Chambers QC faces House of Lords suspension over sexual harassment claims

Lord Lester described the allegations as 'completely untrue'

Nov 13 2018 8:48am

Make statutes easier to understand, urges House of Lords

Students’ purple books about to get thinner?

Oct 25 2017 9:53am

‘I am mid-sentence’: Brexit case barristers clash in House of Lords debate

Lords Pannick and Keen did not see eye to eye

Sep 15 2017 9:14am

Soon-to-retire Lord Chief Justice absolutely slammed Liz Truss in parliament this morning

Lawyers question whether his outburst was unprecedented

Mar 22 2017 12:52pm

House of Lords fears Brexit uncertainty is already having a detrimental impact on UK legal services

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC tells Tories to ‘urgently’ adopt interim measures to help stop this

Mar 20 2017 9:14am

Concerns over SRA solicitor super-exam proposals reach House of Lords

Lord Low of Dalston questioned whether the new vocational training regime would have a negative impact on law schools

Mar 7 2017 5:44pm

Gina Miller’s barrister Lord Pannick QC votes AGAINST Brexit Bill

But was he the only lawyer to defy the House of Commons?

Mar 2 2017 11:19am

The BBC gave viewers an unprecedented insight into the House of Lords last night, and lawyers loved it

They were particularly excited when the ex-deputy president of the Supreme Court made an appearance

Feb 28 2017 10:21am

Lawyers urge EU to refuse trade deal with UK unless it remains a member of the ECHR

The threat of a post-Brexit ‘human rights crisis’ looms

Feb 21 2017 2:04pm

How the House of Lords might save us from a Trump University in Britain

Government’s controversial university bill has stormy ride through upper house

Feb 10 2017 12:12pm

Brexit’s Great Repeal Bill is a never-attempted ‘massive problem’: is Oxbridge prof stating the obvious to Lords’ committee?

There was also a lot of talk about Henry VIII clauses and Acquis Communautaire

Feb 3 2017 10:37am

We spoke to Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about Brexit

She chairs the House of Lords’ EU Justice committee, and she thinks we’re living through “an ugly period”

Feb 2 2017 10:11am

Junior barrister Amal Clooney more influential in law than Supreme Court justices

Posh bible Debrett’s reveals its top 20 lawyers

Jan 23 2017 1:00pm

Lawyers react to ‘deeply concerning’ draft law that would keep alleged rapists in the dark about who accused them

One said this nonsense wasn’t doing his blood pressure any good

Oct 27 2016 11:10am