If there was an election tomorrow, who would you vote for?

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With rumours of a snap election on 4 May gathering pace, take Legal Cheek’s survey here

If rumours are to be believed, senior Conservative politicians are toying with the idea of calling a snap election on 4 May. Against this backdrop, we want to get a grip on which way our readership is thinking of voting.

Would your vote be spent on current Prime Minister Theresa May? The former Home Secretary and second ever female PM, May’s short stint in power has so far been characterised by a ‘keep schtum’ attitude to Brexit, a hand-holding session with Donald Trump, and, well, that laugh.

Or are you a fan of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party? The underdog of British politics, Corbyn is known — and in some quarters loved — for his humble lifestyle and non-jeery political approach. And then there’s Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats. A historical favourite among students (until that famous university tuition fee U-turn anyway…), will the Lib Dems and their hopes for a second EU referendum get your vote?

If May, Corbyn and Farron don’t do it for you, there’s Paul Nuttall’s UKIP, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley’s Green Party and a whole host of smaller parties out there. Whatever your political inclination, take part in Legal Cheek’s election poll below. If you are reading this on a mobile phone, please complete the survey by clicking here.

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To give you an idea of the way your peers have voted up until this point, it’s worth taking a look at a Legal Cheek poll we ran back in May 2015, the week before the last general election. Then, we discovered that 35.3% of the 750 survey respondents would be placing their crosses by Ed Miliband’s Labour Party.

As for David Cameron’s Conservatives, who as we know came out on top, they ended up winning the hearts of 33.8% of our readers.

The results of Legal Cheek’s 2015 general election poll

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