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How election legislation has failed the UK’s visually-impaired voters

Aspiring barrister Lauren Slade explores the lack of statutory protection for the blind

Sep 4 2023 8:41am

Legal Twitter condemns Capitol attacks

American Bar Association brands protestors' actions as 'criminal conduct'

Jan 7 2021 12:27pm

What the hell does this election result mean for Brexit?

Social media rush as lawyers debate hung parliament’s impact

Jun 9 2017 11:58am

Tax QC turned Brexpert Jo Maugham won’t stand in general election

Devereux barrister won't stand for parliament

Apr 27 2017 10:03am

Snap election: government bill that would make it easier for individuals to set up unis could be scrapped

The Prisons and Courts Bill has already been abandoned, now maybe May's announcement will save us from a Trump University in Britain

Apr 21 2017 10:46am

If there was an election tomorrow, who would you vote for?

With rumours of a snap election on 4 May gathering pace, take Legal Cheek’s survey here

Mar 20 2017 10:40am

Legal Cheek election poll results: law students and lawyers back Labour

Ed Miliband’s margin over the Conservatives is narrow, but enough to give the red rose party an outright majority

May 6 2015 2:12pm