Legal Cheek talks… ‘moaning millennials’

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This week a trainee at a top City firm went public with her mortgage woes, but was she justified in doing so?

Millennials haven’t got the best of reputations. They’ve been called lazy, entitled and easily offended, with the phrase ‘snowflake generation’ now being bandied around more than ever before.

But last weekend, one 24-year-old trainee at a City firm said enough’s enough and called out the so-called ‘baby boomer’ generation for creating the perfect environment for their kids to fail in. Rising house prices, extortionate university fees and an unstable job market means millennials are struggling to make ends meet. Our unhappy trainee rounded in on the fact that, despite having studied at Oxford University and securing a training contract paying nearly £50,000, she still can’t get her foot on the property ladder.

Was she right to go public with her mortgage woes, or is she just another moaning millennial? Katie King and Tom Connelly discuss.

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