Legal Cheek talks… ‘moaning millennials’

This week a trainee at a top City firm went public with her mortgage woes, but was she justified in doing so?

Millennials haven’t got the best of reputations. They’ve been called lazy, entitled and easily offended, with the phrase ‘snowflake generation’ now being bandied around more than ever before.

But last weekend, one 24-year-old trainee at a City firm said enough’s enough and called out the so-called ‘baby boomer’ generation for creating the perfect environment for their kids to fail in. Rising house prices, extortionate university fees and an unstable job market means millennials are struggling to make ends meet. Our unhappy trainee rounded in on the fact that, despite having studied at Oxford University and securing a training contract paying nearly £50,000, she still can’t get her foot on the property ladder.

Was she right to go public with her mortgage woes, or is she just another moaning millennial? Katie King and Tom Connelly discuss.

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I wanted to say that LC should be applauded for not relieving that trainee’s name and employer. By focusing on the (important) issue she’s raised, as opposed to feeding her to the internet lynch mob, was one of the very few thing LC got right in the recent months.

Well done.


They actually already did … when they originally tweeted the picture on their Facebook before all this discussion. the poor girl has since made all of her social media accounts private after getting a ton of hate.


“Truth is like poetry. And most people fu*king hate poetry.”


Quite right – please remember LC issues and not individuals.


Applauded? That should be the norm. Legal cheek thrive on that. I’m shocked they haven’t but agree they shouldnt.

Pepe the Frog (pbuh)

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Which one of Trumpenkrieg’s weapons-grade sluice producing orifices did you spawn from?


I don’t understand it, at what point did she think she would be able to get onto the property market in London whilst earning £50K a year?

She applied for and accepted a role in London, no one forced her, she could have (presumably) applied for alternative roles in other places where this a lower cost of living.


Borrow 3 times the salary so she could borrow up to 150k + say a 20k deposit she would be able to save at most in a couple of years and she would still only have less than 200k so no way a property in London. LC mention Dalston as being more achievable but you can’t get anything decent there for less than 400k either.

The real problem is the deposit not the ability to get and repay a mortgage.

Person with IQ of 80

Superlatively moronic LC. I salute you.
Can we have the top moronic magic selenium woo post of the day , every day? Spiffingly spastic

Person with IQ of 50

People here actually read the Sun and the Daily Mail.
Can we have Fox News too please?


Yes mate, we can even have Breitbart News and Russia Today. It is the other side of the same coin with CNN and Huffington Post.


With all of these above, you may as well just stare at a white wall and lie to yourself as to what’s going on in the world. That way you just cut out the middle man.


I feel like you guys should get a cat, a legal cheek cat, would be adorable. Or puppy.


“Was she justified in doing so?” Please see Article 10 ECHR.


Justified vs legally entitled – please see Oxford English Dictionary.


The baby boomers: the generation that took the most and gave the least


Legal Cheek are the worst for exposing people and taking the mick out of them!

They have on occasion asked some of us to expose certain students, they should be ashamed of themselves! They may have not mentioned this girl’s name in the article, but they did a good job of putting her picture all of the internet before hand!


the “exposing” of people on this website and the ensuing schadenfreude / perverse delight in the comments, together with the bashing of the authors – make LC a less fun place to be… makes me and a lot of others uncomfortable….its just not cool… life is not stressful / shit as it is don’t want to read about it here too, also becomes a boring and predictable feeding frenzy….I think it is bad also because it sets the tone for how the authors themselves get treated in the comments section (which is not nice)……please can we focus on interesting, fun and helpful articles please but not negative ones.

Patrick Connelly

If the trainee’s dad is a successful lawyer then surely the “Bank of Mum and Dad can provide assistance.


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