Olswang partner who completed training contract AND pupillage within a year of each other lands top legal role at Facebook

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Anna Caddick will head up the social media giant’s regulatory and litigation team

A barrister turned City law firm partner has landed a top in-house legal role at Facebook.

Anna Caddick, who until this month was a commercial litigation specialist at London-based media boutique Olswang, has been poached by Mark Zuckerberg to head up his Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regulatory and litigation team.

New role aside, the Cambridge University graduate has already had a legal career that could turn even the most accomplished lawyer green with envy.

Having finished her training contract at Lovells (now Hogan Lovells) in 2006, Caddick, setting her sights on the bar, completed a pupillage at chancery and commercial set Hogarth Chambers. Eventually joining Olswang in 2009 as a legal director, she was elevated to partner in 2015.

Confirming Caddick’s departure, a spokesperson for Olswang said:

Facebook is a long-standing client of Olswang, and the firm acts for Facebook on an array of technology and commercial law matters. Anna has been a valued partner within our industry-leading commercial litigation team, and so it is with mixed emotions that we bid her farewell from the partnership.

Welcoming her new colleague with open arms, Ashlie Beringer, Facebook’s vice president and deputy general counsel, added:

We’re thrilled that Anna will be joining us to lead our regulatory and litigation teams in Europe. Her strong litigation skills and leadership will add to the strength of our growing legal team.

Caddick’s departure comes just five months after Olswang confirmed a three-way mega merger with CMS Cameron McKenna and Nabarro. Due to go live in May, the new global outfit will become the sixth largest outfit in the United Kingdom by revenue and the sixth largest in the world by lawyer headcount.

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Mary J

You mean this woman trained as a solicitor, then got a pupillage, then didn’t get tenancy and went back to being a solicitor?

What an incredible achievement!



Considering obtaining either a training contract or pupillage is difficult, I suppose it is quite an achievement. She can still suck one though.



Times were different in 2006… I’m sure it was easier then than now.



How the fck is this person’s career “news”?



LC’s attempt to move into B2B territory?

Mature Person

Heehee! This article is funny because it has the word WANG in it, which is American for PENIS!



How do you know she applied for tenancy?



Wonder if she is related to Nicholas Caddick QC at the same chambers where she did her pupillage. Seems a bit of a coincidence if not…


LL and P

People are truly pathetic. You searched the internet just to find a way to drag her down. Are you sure they are related or if the guy was there 10 years ago. Get a life mate.

General point though is that her getting pupillage and then going back to a firm is not really massive news. But legal cheek have to fill the pages in some way.


Pepe the Frog (PBUH)

You’re trying to put lipstick on a pig here.


Get it right

They aren’t related.





Bored now.

Who cares?



Olswang hahahahahahaha


Not Amused

They will need all of the help they can get. The way large US corporates work will simply not be tolerated here and Facebook in particular seem to be trying to make themselves the test case.

Reporting the BBC to the police was beyond parody.


Fashion Victim who loves LC for its glamourous fashion and celebrity articles.

Where is Amal Cloony. I’m leaving unless I get Amal Cloony



I’m right here sweetie. Me and Katy are platting each other’s hair before downing a bottle of Lambrini and hitting the town. I’m going to need a strong dose of hubby’s Nespresso in the morning – big hooman rights case I’m endorsing with my celebrity status.



I’d give it 5 minutes before KK obliges with another article on her favourite person.



Foolish. She didn’t need to do a pupillage. Could have just done both sets of higher rights (one instead of her electives on the PSC) and would then be exempt. Much easier way.



But you still need to find a chambers.



Or just set one’s own up like Alan?


Fashion Victim who loves LC for its glamourous fashion and celebrity articles.

Swoon! Katie and Amal together. My heroines. Can we have pics please , glamorous pics so we can see their designer outfits and hand bags etc


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