The Sesh Act 2017: Exeter law students call on drafting skills to invent new drinking ‘legislation’

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By Thomas Connelly on

‘All core squad members must dab upon hearing a dropping beat of a lit song’

Law students from Exeter University have utilised their newly-found drafting skills to create “The Sesh Act 2017”.

The new drinking legislation, which was penned by the group on a flight back from Prague, enshrines into ‘law’ the rules and regulations surrounding an evening spent consuming alcoholic beverages, otherwise known as “the sesh”.

The ten-page piece of lookalike-legislation — which is helpfully broken down into eight separate sections — covers everything from (over 30s have Google at the ready) what “a core squad” is to the rules governing “dabbing”.

The new act also helpfully defines the process of “EG-ing”. This, in its very simplest form, means tapping your empty “vessel” against a body part or object, depending on your year group. To take fourth years as an example, section 1.c.iv states that once the student has consumed their alcoholic beverage (known as a “bolt”) they must then proceed to “tap their emptied vessel anywhere on any person”.

Another section of the new legislation clarifies the rules regarding the dance craze known as “dabbing”.

The act specifies that an individual “must dab after EG-ing a bolt” or upon hearing “the dropping beat of a ‘lit’ song”. According to the jokey legislation, the dab (essentially raising one’s forearm across one’s face while extending the other arm) can be one of seven variations, including “slow,” “quick” and “the tease”. A helpful diagram (screenshot below) accompanies this section.

Manchester United fooballer Paul Pogba performing the dab

As well as a detailed section on “dodging them feelings”, the act even touches on the human rights implication of the sesh. The act explains that anyone found in breach of it will be granted a “public hearing” by an “independent and impartial tribunal”. Continuing, the section explains how the “judgment shall be pronounced publicly either in core squad Snapchat group or core squad Facebook Messenger chat”.

Wishing to remain anonymous, one of the students who helped draft the act told Legal Cheek:

Myself and a group of fellow law students created the ‘act’ on our flight back from Prague after talking about the several rules often implemented in the drinking culture across British universities. Being the typical law students we are, we decided it best to formalise our rules into the ‘act’.

Read the The Sesh Act 2017 in full below:

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