University unveils new scholarship in name of late legal columnist and professor Gary Slapper

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But it won’t be available to law students

It has been revealed that New York University (NYU) will be offering students at its London campus a new scholarship in the name of late legal columnist and professor Gary Slapper.

Slapper was the director of NYU’s London campus. A stalwart in legal academia and commentary, the world was shocked when he died unexpectedly in December last year. Former colleague and NYU president Professor Andrew Hamilton announced the scholarship news at Slapper’s recent memorial service in London.

There will be two scholarships available each year (one in autumn, one in spring). The value of these will be based on the students’ needs because, in the words of an NYU spokesperson, “Gary was always very concerned about ensuring that students with financial need were able to pursue their studies at NYU London.”

However, contrary to previous reports on this in The Times (£), Legal Cheek can confirm this scholarship will not be available to law students. This is because NYU London does not offer a law programme at undergraduate nor postgraduate level. Subjects which are eligible — a full list of which can be found here — include Africana studies, creative writing, drama, journalism, Middle Eastern studies and politics.

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Slapper Scholarship…


Jones Day Partner

It comes with a TC interview at my firm.


Plummy Prof

“If religious education is patched automatically into school timetables, why not laws, rights and responsibilities?’ – Garry Slapper.
Because ~
We don’t need no eduation
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone



Correction: NYU London* does not offer a law programme at undergraduate nor postgraduate level.



Like if you want to be hot like me



Err clearly it’s not that it won’t be available to law students. It doesn’t cover law courses because the institution doesn’t offer law courses. Law students can apply for the scholarship just like anyone else, but they will only be able to use it towards one of the programmes offered at the campus.



Unfortunate naming. At least it’s not as bad as the Dickson Poon School of Law…


LSE LLB-JD Student

NYU does not offer any law courses in London. Katie King get your facts straight for once!



You clearly didn’t read the article.


LSE LLB-JD Student

Funny Katie King replying as “Anonymous”


Feisty Mouse

You clearly amended the article.

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