Law professor suing Donald Trump has made a cringeworthy World War I anniversary Twitter gaffe

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He’s a top Harvard academic who has appeared in the Supreme Court 36 times…

Top Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe made what appears to be a really embarrassing social media gaffe yesterday.

There’s no doubting Tribe is very, very clever. He’s one of only 24 current Harvard University professors, a title the Ivy League institution gives out sparingly. He’s appeared in the Supreme Court of the United States 36 times, and is now reportedly suing President Donald Trump over claims his business ownership violates the constitution.

While we’re sure 75-year-old Tribe is a busy man, he also seems to spend much of his time delighting his 91,500-strong Twitter following. Check out some of his angrier Trump tweets:

And then yesterday there was, um, this:

As many (many) people will know, WWI actually began in 1914. Three years later, American troops joined in the fighting. His Twitter followers were at pains to point this out to the seemingly confused professor:

Others, however, have suggested Tribe was being ironic:

But it seems his remark was just a genuine mistake. Tribe told Legal Cheek:

You’re certainly right. I meant that we initiated our participation in WWI 100 years ago yesterday.

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Yeah, while Trump himself never puts a foot wrong and is a shining beacon for love, respect, diversity, inclusion and human rights.







Praise Kek



(for Pepe is his messenger)





Just Anonymous

I’m more interested Tribe’s assertion that Trump somehow stole the presidency. As far as I can see, Trump won fair and square.

By all means criticise him. But refusing to acknowledge the outcome of a democratic process just because you don’t like the result really is incredibly childish and unhelpful.



I think it’s the small matter of losing the popular vote by 3 million, crooked colleges and a little help from Russian friends.


Just Anonymous

You know perfectly well that losing the popular vote is completely irrelevant: Trump won the electoral college, and that’s how the system works.

As for the rest, hysterical conspiracy theories don’t interest me.



Except when they’re Alex Jones lunacies parroted by mango Mussolini, I imagine.



Lawyer thinks he’s an expert in other subjects NON-SHOCKA!!!





Caliph Al Baghdadi

Not to mention Trump’s glorious allegiance with ISIS



It was a war. But it was not a WORLD war until USA became involved.

Thank you



Laurence (((TRIBE)))??

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((oiiiii veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Ciaran Goggins

Technically correct, the war began for the USA in 1917.


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