Law Society tells solicitors to ‘channel their inner Judge Dredd’ – immediately backfires

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‘You do realise he is an executioner for a totalitarian fascist regime?’

The Law Society’s attempt to get down with the kids on social media backfired magnificently yesterday afternoon.

Keen to help recruit some fresh judicial talent, Chancery Lane bigwigs tweeted this to their 82,000 Twitter followers:

Unfortunately, the social media post, which was supposed to encourage solicitors to apply to become judges, did not go down well with comic book connoisseurs and legal eagles alike. Questioning the society’s knowledge on all things Dredd, one tweeted:

Another was quick to point out Dredd’s views on capital punishment.

Others couldn’t resist poking fun at the society’s perhaps misguided comparison.

Bombarded with responses, the Law Society — which represents solicitors across the country — eventually realised that Judge Dredd (the original comic book character) was very different to the one played by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 movie of the same name.

In the film, Dredd is framed for murder and finds himself in prison when he’s wrongly convicted. However, in the original comic book version, the futuristic street judge has the power to arrest, convict, sentence and execute criminals — probably not the sort of chap the judiciary of England and Wales is looking for.

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… Keep up the good work, guys.



Ah, the Twitter morality police. Sucking all the fun out of life for far, far too long…


Vilsester Slattone

“muh authoritarian regime”

Boring, boring, boring people on Twitter complaining about something so petty used to be funny. Now it’s just nauseating.



Dredd is definitely not the bad guy.



Humourless cunts



When far-right Tory governments seize power, this is what happens to the kangaroo…sorry…court system.

While pretending to be pure and impartial, Tory Lawyers just want to use their own court system to brutalise people they don’t like – mainly the poor.



As opposed to the socialist utopia of Venezuela, which has actual death squads roaming the streets and brutalising everyone, poor, rich, and in between.



Too daft an argument to merit a response.


Travelling Gavel

“the futuristic street judge has the power to arrest, convict, sentence and execute criminals — probably not the sort of chap the judiciary of England and Wales is looking for”

Why on earth not?? It would speed up the process, cut down waiting times, probably interest younger, more ‘robust’ members of the professions and, with all of the unnecessary duplication removed; achieving costs savings to boot; winner winner!!

*For clarity, before anyone takes the time to lambast me for the above please not sarcasm dripping is a hard one to convey over the internet so for those of you who cannot fathom it; ‘drip, drip’





Travelling Gavel




Haa ha ha 😉 Hilarious!



Dredd is alive and well and sitting under a pseudonym at Reading.


Elderly of Counsel

The late Lord Goddard LCJ would have approved…



I pood myself when a Judge Dredd stripper-gram was sent to my door by mistake.

Stunning outfit though.



Clearly no-one on Twatter knows anything about Joe Dredd!

He is definitely not the bad guy. Megacity 1 is not a fascist, totalitarian regime (they have elections). And the Stallone Dredd film is actually based on a theme from the original 2000AD.

There’s also a much more recent Dredd film with Karl Urban – but neither of the films do Joe justice. They make him far too one dimensional, when he is in fact a fairly complex character.

Perhaps you’re all getting confused with Judge Dread?


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