Law students and rookie lawyers set to vote Lib Dem on 8 June

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Legal Cheek snap election survey reveals Labour are out of favour

Law students and young lawyers will vote for the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming general election, according to a recent Legal Cheek survey.

Earlier today, throwing the already volatile world of UK politics into overdrive, Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to call a snap general election on 8 June. Stressing the need for stability and certainty in the run up to vital Brexit negotiations, May said: “The country is coming together, but Westminster is not.”

But which political party is up to the job?

Well, according to our poll of over 1,000 law students and rookie lawyers, it’s the Lib Dems. The plucky political underdog — which has taken a strong anti-Brexit stance and is currently under Tim Farron’s leadership — secured 30.8% of the overall vote. May’s Conservatives bagged second place with 29.82%, while Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour secured third with 24.37%.

Interestingly, our stats appear to show a divide in political loyalties between those chasing that elusive training contract or pupillage and those who have already qualified.

Looking at the almost 600 law students who voted in isolation (undergrads, LLM, Graduate Diploma in Law, Legal Practice Course, Bar Professional Training Course), the Lib Dems came out on top, with 29.78% pledging allegiance to Farron (pictured top). Trailing behind the Conservatives (28.06%), Labour — which welcomed May’s snap election announcement — landed third position with 26.68%.

However, when we looked at just lawyers — that’s paralegals, trainees, solicitors, pupils and barristers — the Conservatives were the most popular with 37.71% of the vote. The Lib Dems took the second spot with 33.90%, while Corbyn’s Labour again could only muster third place with 16.95%.

And the Lib Dems’ rise in popularity doesn’t seem to just be contained to the legal sector. A report earlier today revealed that the party gained around 1,000 new members in just one hour after May’s announcement. President of the Liberal Democrats Sal Brinton said:

This is a time when liberals must stand together, and people across the country are doing just that.

There will be a vote in the House of Commons tomorrow on May’s snap election. She needs two thirds of MPs to vote in her favour to ensure her 8 June date gets the green light.

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Ah, the Illiberal Undemocrats.



Tim Farron is a smelly bellend who’s party got fewer votes than UKIP but more seats.



Well don’t worry, this time they are going to get both more seats and more votes than UKIP.



Can’t believe people would vote Lib Dem when the leader thinks gay sex is sinful.



Hes gay himself too


Christian of Counsel

And it is sinful.

That doesn’t mean it should be banned or discriminated against though.

Christianity is all about free will and the freedom to make choices. Whether they are the right ones is another matter.

Banning things by law that the righteous disagree with interferes with that freedom.

Not all Christians who may regard a particular act as sinful would ban it. An awful lot of things in this world are sinful and virtually unavoidable.

My large Big-Mac meal was sinful too.

It’s about accepting your sinfulness, repenting and accepting Christ as your saviour.

That doesn’t mean favouring laws banning everything as Christians in generations past sought to do.

A big part of Christianity is also not judging others…



“A big part of Christianity is also not judging others…”



Yeah mate, you just tell all gay people they are constantly sinful. I’m sure they’ll feel great about themselves, and live happy, fulfilled lives.


You’ve got a choice about whether to eat a Big Mac. You don’t choose to be gay. That’s kind of the glaringly obvious distinction.

Devil's Advocate

You don’t choose to have a big appetite either, but stuff yourself and gluttony is a sin.

You don’t choose to be gay, but stuff your partner and it’s a sin.

Just sayin…

A genuine atheist

I was a bit shocked by Farron’s position on this, that he seems to believe that homosexuality is a ‘sin’. However, I saw him asked about this on the news a day or so ago, and what he said is worth thinking about – that he had worked tirelessly for equality in this country.

To me this is a classic example of someone who struggles with the doctrines of their faith, he sees what others do as being ‘sinful’, but at the same time recognises that those ‘sinners’ should have equality in the law – to continue their ‘sinning’.

I don’t have a lot of time for people of faith, but I think it’s quite brave of Farron to recognise the split between his faith and his acceptance of equality.

For those getting all outraged about this, think about your position the next time you find yourself laughing at Mrs Brown’s camp son Rory. That is something that truly should be consigned to the wastebasket of history.


Devil's Advocate

So jokes and humour based on difference are off-limits now, even when done on the terms of those who are different?

What a sad, grey, humourless world you must crave.



That extra 1% in your “poll” really supports the view that they’ll vote for Lib Dem? Really LC, really?



Last time I voted LibDem they gave it to the Conservatives. Never again, fucko.


Scouser of Counsel




I didn’t even see that there was a poll (some of us have been working since the announcement at 11am…) and I am both student (part-time) and paralegal (young lawyer) and I won’t be voting Lib Dem, so I’m not sure how representative your ‘poll’ actually is.

I think what you meant was ‘we had a Twitter vote in the last 5 hours and some students who had nothing better to do (because who actually uses ‘reading weeks’ to read?) voted Lib Dem so now we’re going to propose that all young lawyers/law students will vote that way.”



HAAA Good luck on losing



I will never waste a vote on the Liberal Demotwats, not after the ConDem Government.



How did you have a ‘spoilt ballot’ in a poll? Are some people INTENDING to spoil their ballots? What’s the point?


Charlotte P

I am intending to spoil my pants in the ballot box



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Considering many students will either be in the middle of exams or off partying because exams are over, how many of them will actually vote is another matter. Some may not even be registered to vote or if they are registered, it might be in a constituency they are currently not living in. I can’t see many going through the postal vote/vote by proxy process either.



Some of them may not even be living on this planet, they could be, you know, living on Mars, or something. Some of them may not even be human, they could be fish, or frogs, or, or, or even dingos. The probability is that a few of them could even be fake people, the ones that post fake news. Ha, then they are taking part in fake polls for a fake election! Even more likely is that…


Roy Woods

Gwan big up urself Farron



If anything was going to make me think any less of our politicians this is probably it. They pass a law to stop this kind of political gaming of the electoral system, and now it looks like they are all going to fall in line behind May in order to stick two fingers up at the electorate and the Fixed Term Parliament Act.



Why is this political gaming? The Act allows for a two-thirds majority to call an election. If opposition MPs didn’t want an election they should have voted against.

This stupid Act was only passed because the Lib Dems whined about it when in coalition. It was nothing to do with the national interest, just the Lib Dem interest.


Alligator Falkirk

Farage for PM!


Just don't vote SNP

Labour are pretty much unelectable just now. Corbyn lives in the past, and although I don’t disagree with his general goals – his methods are pretty ludicrous. I certainly don’t want him in charge as we prepare to exit the EU, affecting our country for generations to come.
I actually generally like the Lib Dems. They get a bad rap, but they did do some good. I think people are too quick to judge them. I’m quite convinced they will pull back some of the seats they lost in the last election.

The thing is, Theresa May is right. We do need to have a strong party steering the ship right now. If the Conservatives increase their majority (as I think everyone pretty much expects they will) she will silence many of her critics, and will be able to focus on getting the best deal without worrying about politics. if you don’t like the Conservatives, wait a few years until Labour have an electable leader then change, but for now the question is really about who you want in charge as we see the biggest change and constitutional reform of our time. And do you really want Jeremy Corbyn in charge of that…?



Pretty much sums it up. In addition, if the Conservatives are polling only just in second place on Legal Cheek which tends to have a disproportionately left stance then they are probably going to decimate in the election.



Yes, we know what Rupert thinks, but what do you think?


Ciaran Goggins

Pity there isn’t a political party like UKIP.


Tory Master Race

Any lawyer worth his salt would vote Conservative.



And we all know salt is worth nothing.



So the profession is homophobic as well as racist, sexist and disablist?

What a shock.



I don’t let extreme far right billionaires tell me how to think and vote, I will be voting for Labour.

Theresa May and her co-clowns have created a disaster in every single government department; a mess in the schools, court rooms, hospitals, police and fire stations, on the roads, railways, land, sea and air, at home and abroad.

Only Tories can oversee such a sun dancing disaster while proceeding with brash and vulgar overconfidence.



I’ll vote Liberal Democrat if they pay me back the extra £18,000 they happily stuck on my tuition fees last time.

Otherwise, Mr Farron can kiss my heavily indebted backside!


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