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Criminal barrister in the running for London mayor

Tory candidate Mozammel Hossain KC was the first Bangladeshi-born criminal barrister to take silk

Jun 13 2023 10:35am

Ex-Attorney General brands PM’s Brexit plan ‘unconscionable’

Geoffrey Cox QC MP to vote to block Prime Minister Boris Johnson's controversial Internal Market Bill

Sep 14 2020 11:00am
Geoffrey Cox QC barrister

Tory conference: Attorney General steals limelight from Theresa May’s speech

Geoffrey Cox's warm-up act references his legal negotiating skills

Oct 3 2018 2:54pm

General election: Human Rights Act ‘safer now than it has been for years’, says top LSE human rights professor Conor Gearty

Exclusive: Conor Gearty tells Legal Cheek why he thinks our rights are secure under brand new Tory-led coalition

Jun 9 2017 4:11pm

What the hell does this election result mean for Brexit?

Social media rush as lawyers debate hung parliament’s impact

Jun 9 2017 11:58am

Election survey: Law students overwhelmingly back Labour

Latest Legal Cheek poll reveals even lawyers are giving the Conservatives the cold shoulder

Jun 8 2017 10:34am

Lawyers divided: Has Theresa May made a U-turn on human rights?

Keeping the Human Rights Act is a Tory manifesto pledge

Jun 7 2017 12:01pm

Liz Truss will not make a year as Lord Chancellor, Joshua Rozenberg predicts

She’s unlikely to survive post-election reshuffle

Apr 24 2017 11:50am

Snap election: government bill that would make it easier for individuals to set up unis could be scrapped

The Prisons and Courts Bill has already been abandoned, now maybe May's announcement will save us from a Trump University in Britain

Apr 21 2017 10:46am

Soon-to-be Aberdeen LLM student writes to the Prime Minister to tell her why Article 50 notification is illegal

He thinks Brexit should be ‘terminated’, at least until the UK and EU courts consider his letter

Apr 20 2017 12:14pm

Law students and rookie lawyers set to vote Lib Dem on 8 June

Legal Cheek snap election survey reveals Labour are out of favour

Apr 18 2017 5:12pm

Law student undergrads are more Tory than law student postgrads

But a Legal Cheek survey reveals practising lawyers would vote Liberal Democrats if an election was called tomorrow

Mar 24 2017 9:11am

Theresa May makes Brexit speech, the legal profession reacts

General dissatisfaction from typical pro-Remain profession, but some see glimmers of hope

Jan 18 2017 10:02am

Lady Chancellor? Theresa May appoints first female Justice Secretary

Michael Gove sacked, now meet the woman taking his place

Jul 14 2016 12:27pm