Legal Cheek talks… crowdfunding law school fees

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One bar hopeful bagged £12,500 from a mystery donor to help pursue her legal dream

Earlier this month Legal Cheek brought you the story of Leila Taleb. Star of BBC3’s Breaking out in Bradford, Lancaster University graduate Taleb explained to viewers how difficult it can be for working class graduates, like herself, to become barristers.

Revealing to us that she had been denied a scholarship by Inner Temple to pursue her studies, Taleb — refusing to give up on her dream — launched a crowdfunding page in the hope of raising some much-needed cash. Incredibly, less than a week later a “mystery person” coughed up a whopping £12,500 to help cover the cost of her Bar Professional Training Course.

In our latest live Facebook broadcast, Legal Cheek’s Katie King and Tom Connelly discuss whether crowdfunding law school fees is the way forward.

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