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Future pupil barrister ‘overwhelmed’ by crowdfunding success

Lewis Dean raises over ten grand towards bar course

Jun 6 2023 9:35am

Should legal crowdfunding be regulated?

Lawyers -- including some of those doing the crowdfunding -- worry about lack of controls

Jan 28 2021 10:49am

Crowdfunding wannabe barrister pledges free careers advice in return for donations

Mohamed Hussein Iman needs £15k to start GDL

Sep 16 2020 9:23am

Aspiring barrister raises £65,000 to realise Cambridge Uni law course dream

‘I'm absolutely over the moon!’ Dylan Kawende tells Legal Cheek

Jul 1 2020 9:13am

Epilepsy sufferer who left school with no qualifications launches LLM crowdfunder

Rhys Brown needs £24,000 to follow uni dream after winning spot at Birkbeck

Aug 13 2019 8:45am

Campaigning QC launches crowdfunder to keep parliament open to oppose no deal Brexit as Boris Johnson wins Tory leadership vote

Jolyon Maugham wants Scottish courts to declare any move to shutdown Westminster illegal in advance

Jul 23 2019 12:07pm

Exclusive interview: Man who brought private prosecution against Boris Johnson faces ‘financial ruin’ over £200,000 debt

Uncertainty over Marcus Ball’s future comes despite crowdfunding over £500,000

Jul 9 2019 8:56am

Aspiring barrister launches crowdfunding campaign to cover £66,000 Cambridge Uni fees

St Edmund's College working with alumni to help bar hopeful hit target

Jun 10 2019 2:47pm

Durham University law student to be deported after scholarship falls through

Would-be solicitor’s student visa set to be revoked

Jun 5 2018 12:46pm

Wannabe barrister who overcame anorexia to study law at Oxford now crowdfunding her Cambridge masters degree

She hopes to raise £10,000 after spending childhood in care

Apr 10 2018 10:14am

Grateful grad: Bangor student collects first class law degree following successful fundraising appeal

Tuition fee debt had prevented the wannabe lawyer from graduating

Aug 21 2017 9:14am

Debt dilemma: Bangor grad unable to collect first class law degree launches public appeal

Wannabe lawyer who worked as a toilet attendant to fund vac schemes in dire straits

Jul 25 2017 9:16am

Simpson Millar paralegal with endometriosis asks public to help fund her Oxford BCL course so she can become a barrister

‘There are not many people who make it to the bar as a disabled person’

May 12 2017 1:27pm

Legal Cheek talks… crowdfunding law school fees

One bar hopeful bagged £12,500 from a mystery donor to help pursue her legal dream

Apr 13 2017 3:37pm

Public crowdfunds more than £29,000 for grandmother deported from UK to Singapore yesterday afternoon

Just days after Supreme Court ruled ‘anti-love law’ demanding £18,600 minimum income is lawful

Feb 27 2017 12:33pm

Crowdfunding website set up by ex-Linklaters associate launches in US to help bring legal actions against Donald Trump

CrowdJustice part-funded the Brexit judicial review, now it’s heading across the pond

Jan 31 2017 1:58pm

Legal fallout from Brexit vote continues as ANOTHER crowdfunding page is launched

This one wants to sue EU president Jean-Claude Juncker

Sep 9 2016 10:08am