Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Thursday 27 April

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

UK will be bound by human rights laws for another five years as Theresa May drops pledge to pull out of European convention [Mail Online]

Iraq abuse case lawyer ‘needed to keep claimant sweet’ [BBC News]

Lloyds hires retired judge for internal probe into HBOS fraud scandal [The Telegraph]

Student takes university to court for the right to condemn gay marriage [Pink News]

Donald Trump says ‘see you in court’ after federal judge blocks his sanctuary cities executive order [Independent]

Three women who carried a giant plastic vagina through a Spanish city face court after their protest was deemed ‘an offence against the Virgin Mary’ [Mail Online]

Solicitor found with more than 12,000 indecent images of children struck off from profession after tribunal [getSurrey]

Businessman acquitted of rape charges after his lawyer argues women are ‘especially good at lying’ [Independent]

Apply now: Part-time freelance legal writers required to work with Peloton Communications Group [Legal Cheek Hub]

“It’s an interesting idea, although I’d suggest that picking out the ‘most important part of the judgement’ [sic] doesn’t allow you to get a flavour of the judge’s overall arguments. Half of the skill of legal research is being able to identify the important parts yourself.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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