Serial offender with 460 convictions smashes a law firm’s windows (again) in bid to be sent to prison

He said ‘Champion! Thanks’ when told he was going inside

Watson Woodhouse’s Middlesbrough office

A man has been jailed for smashing the windows of a solicitors firm, just a day after being handed a suspended sentence for committing the same crime.

Michael Patrick Williams, a 61-year-old homeless man with 460 previous convictions, was hit with an eight-week suspended sentence at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on Monday after he smashed the windows of Watson Woodhouse Solicitors’ office. Just a day later, Williams returned to the Grade II listed building to smash the windows again, before handing himself into the police.

According to the Evening Gazette, District Judge Kate Meek handed Williams an 18-week restraining order, to be served half on licence, half in custody. When told he was going to prison for nine weeks, Williams said: “Champion! Thanks.” He was also ordered to pay £360 in compensation to the firm.

Watson Woodhouse Solicitors is headquartered in Middlesborough and, among other areas, has expertise in armed forces law, prison law and conveyancing. Attempts to contact the firm about the vandalism — which reportedly cost it £8,000 to repair — have so far been unsuccessful.

Law firm premises aren’t stranger to attacks like Williams’. Last month, someone used black spray-paint to scrawl the words “FUCK LAWYERS!” at the main entrance of international oufit Hill Dickinson’s Liverpool headquarters.

Hill Dickinson’s Liverpool office daubed with rude graffiti

The office — in No.1 St. Paul’s Square building — is the workplace of about 700 Hill Dickinson staff.

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Surely it would be cheaper for the authorities to house him rather than the £60k per year it will cost the tax payer to give him a roof and food at Her Majesty’s…


Indeed, this could become the new welfare dependency, but trebly expensive. Endless social security cuts may mean that some people will see this as the only way to get shelter, food and water.

In-house criminal barrister

Let’s face it- if you were on the street, you would.

I have had many Street-homeless clients including former military types whose only worldly possessions have been their service medals.

I’ve also had people who have been renting privately, have been laid off and evicted to become street-homeless because the dole would not cover any kind of rent.

Because the system is based on “need” rather than time on the list, it is the case that single men are bottom of the housing priority table, whereas a family with young children who have just arrived from another EU country will be prioritised as you can’t discriminate against them, and they are deemed to have greater need.

I voted “remain”, but it is a fact that issues like this caused people to vote for Brexit.


Wa Reckons its a rival with no work trying to nick info fo transfers innit.

Prof. Freedman

Docs Lowenstein and or Litevsky, I would be grateful if you would edit/redact your article by 100 words, by tomorrow 5pm, my time, or it shall have to wait until next month. I can’t get either of you guys elsewhere.

Lowenstein and Litevsky

Dear Prof. It is a bank holiday here in England and we have turned off our communications. They will be on again tomorrow. Never contact us here again.


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