15 things that will absolutely, definitely happen in your law school exams this summer

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Will you be the one to get your statute book confiscated?

If you’re studying law, you’ll be all too aware that exam season is upon us.

But, no matter how much you study, revise and plan, some things are just destined to happen in that exam hall. Here are 15 of them.

1. Someone will have their statute book confiscated

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Whether it’s for writing case names, including post-it notes or going overboard with the underlining, highlighting and symbols, someone will have broken the rules and they’ll be punished for it.

2. Someone will wait 30 minutes before they write anything and it will make you nervous

You’re not supposed to be looking at other people… but what the hell is that boy one seat to the left and two spaces forward from you doing? You can’t help but see the shiny blank white page in your peripheral vision.

3. Someone will ask for another writing booklet, maybe even two or three

We dare you to try to get through four.

4. Someone will do a weird exam ritual before they get into the venue

Blaring their ‘fight song’ out of their car is a common one. Others will be carrying worry dolls.

5. Someone will have a coughing fit

You’ll feel bad for them, but not bad enough to stop yourself getting annoyed at them.

6. Someone will ask your tutor what’s on the exam

And you’ll spend a good chunk of the three hours wondering why tutors are even allowed in the exam hall if they can’t answer you.

7. Someone will attempt to bring food into the exam hall

Someone ate a banana near me once.

8. Someone will make you feel better about the amount of revision you’ve done

Being asked “what’s Foakes v Beer?” on the way to your exam will make you feel a little smug.

9. Someone will make you feel a lot worse about the amount of revision you’ve done

Being asked “does anyone else really like that Court of Appeal case from 1967 that wasn’t actually on the reading list but is super useful and will definitely get me extra marks?” will not.

10. Someone’s phone will go off

Pray it’s on vibrate.

11. Someone will realise they’re at the wrong exam venue

Usually just at the second everyone starts making their way into the hall. Getting an Uber at 9.35am from one side of Leeds to the other = not the way you want to start your 9.45am exam.

12. Someone will tap their foot so much you will consider throwing your statute book at them

Why. Why. Why.

13. Someone will have done an all nighter

Can’t spot them? They’re the one at the back of the queue holding a cup of coffee and looking like they’ve been struck by lightning. They’ll probably stink, and will have eaten something really weird for their 4am breakfast (for example, a packet of drumsticks).

14. Someone will bring a celebratory bottle of wine/beer/vodka in their bag

It may or may not be opened depending on the contents of the exam.

15. Someone will cry



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I can’t imagine doing an all nighter before an exam is helpful in any way, unless you’ve literally revised nothing until the day before.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a phone go off in the 50+ exams I’ve sat in my life



I’ve heard a phone go off in most of my exams.


Degree from London Met, Masters from Cambridge

Probably a stupid Warwick student.



The tutors used to go through every student’s belongings in my exams, and take all electronic devices for safe keeping. It was virtually impossible to smuggle a phone in.



Actually, incredibly accurate. I’m glad that’s behind me, although the post-exam pint was always a little ray of sunshine on those dark days.






16. If sitting your exams with BPP, the invigilators will have to point out various mistakes in the test paper throughout the exam.



Standard BPP!



THIS!! And they will have often made clear in tutorials beforehand “Do not ask invigilators if there is a mistake in the exam. There is no mistake. Do not second-guess us. There is no mistake. We are not mistaken…”



From my experience, Ulaw too.



You’ve forgotten number 16:

The girls will freak out from the stress; the boys will deal with it like a boss.

Harsh, but very very true.



The truth is that the boys strut, swan and swagger while making the much bigger mistakes. Tories in training.



Tories? The party that has had two female Prime Ministers? As opposed to Labour who have never elected a female leader…



Those two sociopaths don’t count.



People you don’t like don’t count? Is that you, Diane? Don’t you have more important things to do than spend time on a lawyers’ blog?

Bowden T.

Misogynistic pig.



I got nervous and farted it my civil mct. The only thing I could do was look disgusted and pull my shirt up to my nose.


Mr Cummings

Once or twice I found myself a bit aroused in an exam hall. My stint as an invigilator did not last long.


Jones Day Partner

It didn’t last as we recruited you. You fit right in here.



Once I pood my pants in an exam and had to sit in it for the whole exam. So embarrassing.



Filler material again.


Travelling Gavel

Filler quite literally 😉


Anonymous who pood his pants in an exam

I’m not the Anonymous who said filler material


Irwin mitchell partner

I got really worried about my equity exam and the stress kept building as I was sitting at my desk and I just didn’t know what to do and it was making me more and more stressed out until I jumped onto my chair and pulled my trousers down and screamed ‘look at my large willy everybody’.


Toby B.

Wow, another Buzzfeed-esqe article. How about 15 ways that Legal Cheek fucks me off?



I am sick of reading such ridiculous, crass or indeed disgusting comments on here by the LC readership. LC you need to regulate what people put up more, especially when the comments are also under certain names of individuals, firms or chambers….looking at you ‘jones day partner’…..Slander? Libel? It ia going too far now.






fuk off mte



learn how to write


Jones Day Partner

I’m looking at you looking at me


Disillusioned Reader

Agreed. Legal Cheek is truly the Daily Mail of legal news.

The sad thing is, is that I am not completely of the foundations of which these crass/obscene comments are built. Part of me thinks it may be Katie, or other LC writers, since the firms that get most of the stick are the ones that either withdrew funding for LC or does not choose to associate itself with LC.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Bowden T.

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Tapping feet, tapping pens! This is an exam, not tap dance!


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