A Latham & Watkins lawyer is standing for UKIP in the general election

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Tim Page is counsel at the US giant’s London office

Devizes in Wiltshire

A City lawyer at one of world’s most prestigious law firms is standing for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in next month’s general election.

Tim Page, counsel at the London office of US giant Latham & Watkins, will be representing UKIP on 8 June in the quaint market town of Devizes in the heart of Wiltshire.

An expert in all aspects of corporate and commercial work, Page joined the firm in 2014 following a 14-year stint as a partner at magic circle outfit Clifford Chance. According to Page’s LinkedIn profile he was also a “manager” at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer between 1987 and 1996.

Does Page really stand a chance of bagging a parliamentary seat?

A slim one at best. In the 2015 general election the constituents of Devizes voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Conservative candidate Claire Perry. She landed over 28,000 votes (58%), while her nearest rival, UKIPer David Pollitt, secured just 7,544 (14%). But perhaps our Latham lawyer will have more luck.

Neither Latham & Watkins nor Page responded to Legal Cheek’s request for comment.

Page isn’t the only legal eagle with UKIP glory in his sights. Earlier this month Legal Cheek brought you the story of Manchester Metropolitan University law student Ian Bond.

The 30-year-old father of four is in the final year of his LLB and is standing in Oldham East and Saddleworth. But will his exam commitments get in the way of his political campaigning? Speaking to Legal Cheek at the time, Bond said:

[T]he early stages of a campaign can be easily fitted around my exams. I have friends who have been pulling all-nighters at the library but my way is a few hours each day.

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TCs for Brits

Why is this an issue? Millions voted for UKIP in the 2015 GE. Without UKIP there would have been no Brexit and millions of uncontrolled immigration in the future!!



“Millions of uncontrolled immigration”

Is uncontrolled immigration a unit of measurement now?



Yes, pick on grammar and ignore the underlying point. Typical intellectual Remoaner cuck.


Lord Farage

If UKIP wins, every reader on LC will be offered a 100k training contract 🙂

Just like the 350 million we will get back into the NHS



You’ve won the internet for the day, good Sir.



Nigel Farage never said anything about £350 million though. That was the official Leave campaign of which he was not a member.



What is the point of UKIP now?


Ultra virus

It’s easier to identify idiots when they congregate in a single party



yasss dragggg!


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

Well, someone has to sit at the corner of the bar and grumble into their fifth pint of bitter about the loss of the empire and people not wearing jacket and tie when they go to the cinema.






Just goes to show how mainstream UKIP; Alt-Right et all has become. If you ask me – it’s all for the better, as we need a wide range of different views and values to facilitate a constructive political discourse.

If you don’t agree with ukip – that’s fine, after all, that’s the beauty of democracy. If swearwords, name-calling and shouting “racist” is the best you can do, when expressing your disagreement with somebody who holds different views than you do, then I do feel sorry for you.


Standing locust

#inspired #UKIP #democracy #Brexit


Reasonable Meg

I love Nigel Farage. He’s the sexiest human on earth. He will always be loyal to you and your country. He will warm your heart with cheeky banter and optimistic rhetoric that will make you believe in love again. He perfectly understands the political climate and has common sense beliefs. He’s 100% husband and Prime Minister material.





Ciaran Goggins

His job is safe, no hordes of Poles after it.


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