A Manchester Metropolitan law student is standing for UKIP in the general election

His campaign clashes with his final year exams

Ian Bond‏ pictured alongside UKIP leader Paul Nuttall

A final year studying law at Manchester Metropolitan University has announced he will be standing for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in next month’s general election.

Ian Bond is hoping to win the votes of Oldham East and Saddleworth residents, who in the last election voted for Labour MP Debbie Abrahams. Given that 61% of the constituency voted to leave the European Union last June, Bond could be in with a shot of election victory, but will his final year law exams stand in the way?

Father-of-four Bond, 30, is hopeful they will not. He told Legal Cheek:

[T]he early stages of a campaign can be easily fitted around my exams. I have friends who have been pulling all-nighters at the library but my way is a few hours each day.

A law student or lawyer with UKIP allegiances is unusual. A Legal Cheek snap election survey revealed that just 1.27% of our readers are planning on voting for the Paul Nuttall-led party. More survey respondents opted for ‘Spoilt ballot’ (2.63%), while 2.14% said they wouldn’t vote at all.

While the party choice may not scream ‘law student’, it’s worth noting there are a lot of lawyer MPs out there for Bond to pally up with.

Well-known names include Keith Vaz, who represents Leicester East and used to be a solicitor at various London councils. MP for Bromley and Justice Committee chairman Bob Neill used to be a criminal law barrister, as did shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer. Then there’s Labour politicians Chuka Umunna and Emily Thornberry: he’s an ex-Herbert Smith Freehills solicitor, she practised as an international law barrister at the now defunct Tooks Chambers.

Aside from the big political players, there are many more ex-lawyers on the green leather-clad benches.

Take South Leicestershire MP Alberto Costa, who used to be a solicitor in both England and Scotland, and Banbury MP Victoria Prentis, a barrister with a Cambridge degree. Cardiff Central Labour MP Jo Stevens studied law at Manchester University and used to work at Thompsons Solicitors; Bolton South East’s representative Yasmin Qureshi was a prosecutor; and Conservative MP Ed Vaizey was a family law barrister.

There’s definitely a lot of lawyer MPs out there; we wonder if Bond will be the next.

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Rupert; a US firm Trainee.

Manchester metropolitan uni – of course the library is empty… why am I even suprised.

Rupert; a US firm trainee.

Absolutely. See you 2PM, Lincoln’s Inn Fields.


Trying his hand at politics because he just realised how useless a Man Met degree is for a CV and will be ridiculed for life


Add campaigning for a bunch of turds like UKIP and he’s set.


“Studying hard in the library at this time of the morning.

What is wrong with me!”

Tweet sent at only 8:35 a.m – what a pussy


30 years old, father of FOUR, mature law student, UKIP candidate.

I predict his future law career to be non existent.


What’s wrong with being a father of four? If anything that is laudable. Good on him.


Yes, the ability to procreate successfully should be applauded. I suggest a tickertape parade, a statue be erected and a national holiday in his honour.


Exactly this kind of ignorant thinking got Germany into the demographic mess they’re stuck in today.


Ah yes, another one of the Alt-Right paid us a visit.


There is nothing “alt-right” about it, its the truth.

There is an “ageing population” crisis looming in Germany and also in the UK. The older population cannot be supported by the successive “younger” generations because the younger population is too small. Impacts include – pensions, public health services – the revenue base to support these services does not exist because there is no “younger” population to support / provide it.

Respected data – led institutions like the Kings Fund (social and healthcare policy) have been talking about this at least for the past 7 years. In the UK, we are already in the crisis – the british red cross referred to the NHS as a “humanitarian crisis” – possibly because of the scale of EU migration, their numbers and dependants have increased numbers reliant on a service who have not contributed anything to it. They are not self – supporting.

A non-EU migrant with the exact same credentials would not be allowed in the UK, the rationale being that they cannot support themselves financially and it would be unfair to give state benefits from the outset as they have not contributed and therefore have no entitlement – the two tier system for EU and non – EU migrants is irrational. There should be one system for all, based on whether you have a job and a clean criminal record as a minimum standard.

We are in an “aging population” crisis at the moment, exacerbated by EU migration.

Theresa May flippantly and without data to support her contention, states that the British Red Cross are wrong. They are not wrong. Its like sleep walking passively into trouble, in terms of the NHS and the economy.


So what we don’t need is immogration, we need youngsters to breed, non?


Wealth and amount of children are directly correlated. Young people in the UK aren’t going to reproduce at the level that previous generations have for various reasons. You either bring in migrants or you tell the elderly to do on.


“[T]he early stages of a campaign can be easily fitted around [my assessed colouring in excercise]. I have friends who have been pulling all-nighters at the library but my way is a few hours each day.”


Way to give MMU a bad name. We aren’t all dickheads. Good luck ever trying to become a barrister.

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


I see the irony of comments. There are uni of’s who are lower than MMU on the league table (and I’m assuming a barrage of “league tables don’t mean anything” comments) but then commentors discuss tables on other posts from LC
Granted MMU sits mid table for its Law department but that doesn’t mean that all the inhabitants of an llb degree there of lower intellect.
Furthermore, LC comment sections are just a huge liberal circle jerk – so what if his views are different to yours as he supports UKIP? Some people do posses the power of understanding economics and having logic to not vote labour


A library selfie is as bad form as a gym selfie. What a muppet


When his career in politics fails to take off, he can always put that MMU degree to good use at Greggs, KFC or Shoosmiths


You’d be surprised, but Shoosmiths hires predominantly from RG uni graduates.

He’d likely struggle to even get his foot in the door there. A nice high street chop shop is where this chap is heading.


Lol no they do not. Seen plenty non trainees from non rg.


And you are so much better than an MMU student/graduate because?


I cannot comment on his academic intelligence, but the world can see that his political intelligence is lacking.

Fabricati Diem, Puncti

Having studied at MMU I can say I recieved and excellent education and really enjoyed my time there. A lot of the comments on here are nothing but faux snobbery from people attempting to compensate for their own insecurities by putting others down. You all really should know better.

Fabricati Diem, Puncti

If the only criticism you have is of my autocorrect, then I would like to thank you for your support of the original post.

Tim NicebutDim

I cannot abide a person who feels the need to share with others how ‘hard’ they are working – we’ve all done a degree mate.


Went to Man Met, standing for UKIP, mature student, looks like Gimli… some people have it all.

Entitled RG-er

Yep. The level of intellect one can infer from his university corresponds perfectly with his party choice. Or is it the other way round?


Nick Griffin … not sure your correlation stands well lol


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