Law student undergrads are more Tory than law student postgrads

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But a Legal Cheek survey reveals practising lawyers would vote Liberal Democrats if an election was called tomorrow

If a snap election was called tomorrow, most law student undergraduates would vote for Theresa May’s Conservative Party.

This according to a recent survey run by Legal Cheek. In it, we asked our readers where they’d place their ballot paper cross if they had to make the decision by tomorrow. The options given were: the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, the Green Party, or another candidate. We also gave survey respondents the opportunity to click ‘Wouldn’t vote’ or ‘Spoilt ballot’.

Overall, it was the Lib Dems which came out on top, pipping the Tories to the post with 30.8% of the vote over May’s 29.82%. Corbyn’s Labour scored 24.37%, the Greens 5.65%, UKIP 1.27% and ‘Other’ 3.31%. Some of our readers (2.63%) opted for ‘Spoilt ballot’ and 2.14% said they wouldn’t vote.

Overall results

What’s particularly illuminating, however, is seeing who voted for what.

When looking at undergraduate law students (first years to final years) in isolation, for example, it was actually May’s Conservatives that came out on top. They notched up 28.93% of the vote. Just behind was Corbyn’s Labour Party with 26.72%. Trailing in third place with law students — compared to first place among all voters — was Farron’s Lib Dems with 26.45%. Just over 6% of law undergrads went for the Greens, and 1.1% UKIP.

Undergraduate results

This result is interesting, not least because law students are typically left wing. The Lib Dems have long been a historical favourite among students (until that famous university tuition fee U-turn anyway…), yet their hopes of a second EU referendum don’t seem to have swayed our, overwhelming pro-Remain, law student readership.

However, this Tory stronghold seems to dissipate after graduation. When we looked at our law student postgrads — that’s Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) students, Legal Practice Course (LPC) students, Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students and law masters (LLM) students — away from their undergraduate peers, the Lib Dems were the clear winners (35.32%). Corbyn and May were tied on 26.61%.

Postgraduate results

And it was the Lib Dems which came out on top among practising lawyers too, but only just. Filtering the results of our survey — in which we had over 1,000 respondents — to paralegals, trainees, solicitors, pupils, barristers and ‘other’, Farron and friends snapped up 32.6% of the vote, very closely followed by the Conservatives on 32.12%.

While readers may be surprised to know law students would vote for May over Farron and Corbyn, it’s worth noting our non-law respondents were more Tory than their law-loving peers. GDL-ers and students studying for a non-law undergraduate degrees backed May with 34.62% of the vote. Farron came in second with 28.85%, and Corbyn notched up just 23.08% of the vote.

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Seriously though, who cares? *yawn*


Harriet Harman MP

Not surprising that undergraduates at universities full of RAPE CULTURE and MISOGYNY would vote conservative.

They probably also think that it might in principle be legitimate to have concerns about mass immigration without automatically being a RACIST!!!






If your survey of undergraduate law students is even slightly reliable the Tories must be in for an astonishingly big win at the next GE. Given the left-wing impulses of students generally, and gobby activist law students in particular, more support among them for May than Corbyn is remarkable.

Labour would struggle to survive in the wider (and much less left-wing) electorate on this showing.



Not sure you know how to interpret statistics here.

The Tories ‘win’ by getting less than 30% of the vote. Left-leaning parties receive 60% of the vote. I don’t think anyone could seriously interpret that as a shocking indication that undergraduates are somehow more right-leaning, just that the left-leaning vote is split.

And the Lib Dems in your poll appear to be getting about 18% more than they are in the national polls, which suggests they are still favoured among students.



Thing is the lib dems can promise whatever they want, such as not proceeding with brexit, no tuition fees etc. the reality is that they won’t ever have to deliver on those promises because they are no longer a viable party.


Air Hair Lair

The times they are a changing.

I think Lib Dems will not get enough support for anything other than coalition, sadly.

Labour, well we are just dismayed.

On the March for EU on Saturday there were estimated to have been 100,000,
Possibly many more, who listened quietly to Farron and Clegg.

There were many EU flags. There were some Lib Dem banners. We looked around . Who would represent us? We saw some Lib Dem banners.



Sorry, English uni students would still vote Lib Dem?! Honestly….


Air Hair Lair

But they’d vote Tory ? The party that prevented Lib Dems from carrying out their tuition fee policy? Even if Law students are from a priviledged background surely they have some care for Human Rights, child poverty, living conditions for the disabled, and the other Tory targets ie NHS ( Doctors are the new miners) . Do we think good education for all is a bad thing? Even if Grammar School is a benefit to those who go?
Do these hard right Tories who deny the validity of expert opinion and science really speak for any of us?
Even those who enjoy blasting a few tame pheasants out of the sky, those who fear inheritance tax, or a rise of pennies to the top rate of income tax or NI contribution, do they want one legged men to have their source of income removed? Or children to live in deprived circumstances? Or Spanish Nurses ‘sent home’? Do they hate other human beings so much?



Someone is fiddling your figures LC, no one in the right mind would actually vote Lib Dem.

I do believe that labour will cease to be the main opposition after the next election though.



I think Lib Dems might pick up a few seats if a snap election were called soon. UKIP might as well. The overwhelming trend though would be Labour seats switching to the Tories.



Theresa experience ecstasy in photo?



She laughed for about 3-4 seconds continuously whilst looking directly upwards.


Air Hair Lair

Vladimir, I think the Theresa has a direct line to God, and he told her something funny.

Or maybe that’s not God… And its some other voice…



Probably because law students will eventually go into constructive jobs and have to pay an inordinate amount of tax. Sensible people.



that’s because they want to get back into the EU


Air Hair Lair

Hi there!
The Tories now position themselves to the right of UKIP.
I would say the majority of educated young people would be against Tory NHS and disability cuts, Pro education for all, pro EU , pro EU workers/ residents rights. Rights of free movement for UK citizens( someone remind me we are Subjects not citizens)

The tiny bit of tax they might save should ‘nt sway it.
Inordinate amount of tax? Try being a small business person!
Or on PAYE on a low wage. Its a huge proportion of income.
Personally I try to focus on earning more money, and therefore pay more tax, rather than scratching at trying to avoid it.

Corbyn a lost cause, centre ground wide open.

Clegg’s tuition fees crime? It’s a tiny issue compared with Todays big issues.

Are they going to vote Tory ( who imposed tuition fees against Lib Dem wishes)?


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