Paralegal with chronic illness who asked public to pay for her Oxford masters hits crowdfunding target in four days

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A dream come true

A paralegal with endometriosis, anxiety and depression has crowdfunded enough money to study the Bachelor in Civil Law (BCL) at the University of Oxford this year.

Just days ago, Legal Cheek brought readers the story of Katy Sheridan, a 22-year-old Simpson Millar paralegal with a passion for the public law bar.

Determined to overcome her health problems, Sheridan secured a place on the prestigious masters course, but was having trouble funding it. Even with savings, a government loan and some money from her parents, the aspiring barrister was still short £4,350 and decided to ask the public for donations.

And a good decision it was. Just four days after launching her GoFundMe page and #BackTheBCL social media campaign, Sheridan has now hit her target. Posting on her crowdfunding page, she said:

#BackTheBCL has quite literally made my dreams come true — I’m going back to Oxford!! Thank you SO much to every donor, I can’t believe this has happened!

As the cost of legal education continues to increase, more and more people are turning to crowdfunding to pursue their law school dreams.

To name a few, a 23-year-old future trainee at Shoosmiths asked the public to help him fund a business skills course. His page is yet to reach its £6,500 target. Leila Taleb, however, had more success. The aspiring barrister raised the money she needs to study the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), thanks largely to a “mystery person” who donated £12,500.

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She’s got anxiety issues, but can ride one of those Suicide Cycles ’round the streets of London!?



Shows how much (or rather how little) you know about mental health. Why do some people think anxiety means being nervous in every situation or in public? Ffs.



That’s good news.

Until Deaf and disabled people take up their rightful places in this profession, it will be seen as nothing more than what it currently is – a posh white male’s hobby kangaroo court system.



Aren’t deaf (yes, with a lowercase “d”) people disabled?



I think the answer to your question is the same as the reason Tim chose a capital ‘D’



Go take a course in Deaf awareness if you’re ignorant and confused.

Meanwhile, the point that I made stands.



You didn’t make a point. You just spouted some guff about “rightful places”. And added some irrelevant bollocks about race, sex, class and kangaroos.



You’re right. Sorry. I don’t mean to come across as a dick but I guess I can’t help it.


I would never make such an unmerited apology “Tim.”


Practice is the key. You could begin making merited apologies (lots of opportunities with your comments on this site) and go from there.


Correct. I am VERY SORRY for my comments. Please do ignore me if I say anything to the contrary.


I realise that you and other pampered and entitled clique members hate the thought of Deaf and disabled people actually being represented in this profession…..but that’s your problem.


Ah good, I didn’t care about this story on Friday, and it’s all worked out so I can continue to not care about it.



She should be prevented from joining the profession as she’s brought it into disrepute.



I would love to be able to crowdfunding my studies due to a disability.

I have encopresis and there’s no way I would be able to reveal it to the public.


Nympho trainee

I see your encopresis and I raise you crippling nymphomania. I “preferred not to say” on equal ops forms for years – but then I proudly declared it, applied to Jones Day and was taken on the very next day, without interview. Hurrah for positive discrimination!


The East Ham Phantom Ejaculator

I achieved my crowd funding target and was able to afford a lawyer to get me released from Springfield Psychiatric into community care. Now I’m applying for pupillage or a TC . Thank you to all who supported me.


Doc. Ludvig Friedrich Von Lowenstein

Do you know that nymphomania and satyrism have been removed from the DSM due to political correctness?
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low income legal lass!

I’m sure a lot us have experienced road blocks in our careers whether medical or personal difficulties but I really feel this whole crowd funding malark has opened the floodgates making online begging socially acceptable. I’m not disregarding this girl’s illness but if she was so determined, why didn’t she just work another year like the rest of us to save for it or take a part-time course instead to self-fund? I find this news distasteful and undeserving. Where do we draw the line with our self-respect? Personally and morally, I wouldn’t feel like I’ve earned the qualification when faceless donors (who could be worse off!) have funded my achievements… but I guess that’s just me!



I’m surprised that no one has pointed out that she did have a very valid alternative to this online begging. She could have applied (as many people do) for a professional development loan, which are available from I believe, Barclays and the Co-op for up for £10,000. This would be in addition to her student loan from the Government. But I guess that would meant having to pay it off afterwards and clearly actually paying for your own education is below some people.



I am genuinely happy for her. I wish her the best in the pupillage hunt after she finishes the BCL and I hope it all works out in the end.


Sweaty Man in a Casino

I think we should crowd source for Katie King too. I think what Katie King needs is an inspiring shot on a Boris Bike. Think Flava Flav level swag, custom basket on the front carrying all your statute books. Inspiring.


Liberturd Leftie

Rhetorical comment here… why are people on this site so whingy and backbiting?

She did what she did & she received the requisite amount of money and can now take her place on the BCL, which she explained if she did not accept this year there was no garuantee of a place next year.

Congrats to her and may she continue to achieve and prosper.



Who Let Tiny Tim-Tim Out?



Your mum.


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