10 Love Islanders’ faces law students will instantly relate to

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By Legal Cheek on

Reality show contestants and wannabe lawyers — they have more in common than you might think

The life of a Love Island star is one most stressed-out law students would dream of.

Being wined and dined by the fellow islanders, lazing around the villa pool, topping up your tan — it’s a far cry from contract law-induced sobs and eight-hour library sessions.

Even so, we can’t help but see a little bit of law student in this year’s reality show contestants. See it for yourself below.

1. When the exam fear strikes the night before

You should have probably started your revision by now.

2. When someone asks a question at the end of the lecture


3. When you and your housemates scrape a 2:1

Proud parents all round.

4. During the post-exam discussion with friends, you realise you might have fucked up

‘Equitable easement? I thought the answer was invitation to treat!’

5. Trying to remember EU case law

Internationale Handelsgesellschaft.

6. When the three topics you revised come up in the exam

Law revision roulette is only for the brave/stupid.

7. When you ask your friend to borrow their jurisprudence notes, and they refuse

True friends stab you in the front.

8. Drinking six glasses of wine at a law firm networking event

‘Hey senior partner, how you doin’?’

9. Receiving a training contract rejection letter

‘We received a high number of applications and unfortunately…’

10. When you weren’t paying attention but still guess the correct answer during a tutorial

Congratulations tutor, you played yourself.

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