EU academic uses abuse he’s been sent by Brexit campaigners in new book intro

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Michael Dougan called an ‘IRA c*nt’ and told to ‘die painfully of cancer’

University of Liverpool academic Michael Dougan has introduced his latest publication with a run-down of some of the charming messages he’s received since we voted to leave the European Union.

The Cambridge-educated prof became a pro-Remain hit in the run-up to the referendum after a 30-minute talk he gave at Liverpool Law School went viral.

But with this viral stardom came abuse. Legal Cheek revealed last year that Dougan had even attempted to ward off this hate with an astonishing out-of-office email response (pictured below).


Leave’s success in the referendum doesn’t seem to have quelled the abuse: a collection of recently published essays edited by Dougan makes this clear. In the EU constitutional law expert’s introduction to ‘The UK after Brexit, Legal and Policy Challenges’, he says:

During the period from around June 2016 to March 2017, I received in excess of 20,000 personal messages (mostly by email but also sizeable numbers by more traditional post) from the general public… Although those messages and comments included a great many expressions of gratitude or support, and myriad genuine questions and queries that their senders hoped I could help to answer, they also included vast amounts of abuse.

The messages, he continues, included: “I hope you watch your children die painfully of cancer before you die painfully of cancer yourself”; “fuck off back to paddyland you IRA cunt”; and “watch out: we are about to go public with material about you that will ruin your life then maybe you’ll learn to shut your fucking mouth.”

This personal abuse, though horrendous, isn’t in Dougan’s mind as sinister as the claims made against academic researchers’ professional ethics and independence.

For example, Dougan seems to have grown used to claims that any EU expert is going to be automatically biased towards the Remain side because otherwise they’d be putting themselves out of a job. On this, he says:

[It is] as if only someone living in America can work on American politics; or as if only an academic based in France is allowed to research French history; or as if the UK will no longer have any need in the future to know and understand the law and policy of the EU. Rest assured: we most certainly will. Indeed, the irony is: Brexit is any UK-EU legal researcher’s lifetime gift.

In and among the Leave-driven claims are those that academics are personally corrupt. One particular proponent of this is Richard North, Dougan says. The Leave campaigner wrote an article in which he described Dougan as “a paid agent of the EU”, because the University of Liverpool receives European funds. (The EU grant in question, the Jean Monnet Chair, accounted for significantly less than 0.0001% of the institution’s turnover since 2006, Dougan explains.)

Dougan — though more than happy to describe the Leave alliance of 2016 as “the most dishonest political campaign in modern British history” — does not appear vengeful. He describes North’s claims as “a no doubt partly successful attempt to undermine my own professional integrity and reputation,” before noting:

Several generous citizens have offered to fund a legal action on my behalf seeking substantial damages in defamation against North. I suggested they give the money instead to charity.

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Future Trainee at (....)

Seeing as the LC overlords closed down this particular discussion yesterday, I’m happy you have confirmed these allegations. But to be fair I would still continue with that NQ salary regardless of the Pervy partners!



Boo hoo, he got a few nasty emails. Pass me the tissues.



The supranationalist cries out in pain as he strikes you.


Air Hair Lair

Supernaturist? Wha?



Gotta love the classy behaviour of the Brexiteers; funny how they moan about how the PC Brigade limits their right to freedom of speech yet they’re the first to shut down anyone who vaguely disagrees with Brexit


Air Hair Lair

Anyone heard of , or thought of, even made up off the top of your head, an actual positive thing to come out of Brexit yet? You’ve had a year to think about it, so it had better be more than ‘ sovereignty and bendy bananas’
“Taking control of our Laws” seems to be the preserve of Tory ministers seeking an end to Parliamentary democracy.



Well that settles it then. We’d better cancel Brexit…


Air Hair Lair

The cancellation of Brexit is already scheduled. Unfortunately we have to wait until the economy is fucked, uk begs for a bailout, bailout conditional on us remaining in EU, only this time without the Thatcher rebate, and maybe ( this one a stretch) the dreaded Euro


Wo’ batlhvaD

Thing is; though the Jean Monnet Chair may well have ‘accounted for significantly less than 0.0001% of the institution’s turnover since 2006’ and is only worth 50K euro over 3 years.

But isn’t it a tad disingenuous to put it like that — seeing Prof Micheal Dougan M.A., Ph.D. is the Professor of European Law and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law.



I was fortunate enough to know this outstanding lecturer and he didn’t care about the abusive emails to himself, however he did fear that academics putting forward their opinions being met with death threats would lead to other academics being unwilling to submit anything contentious



If any academic ‘submitted something contentious’ in this stifling climate of institutional groupthink they’d be clearing their desk before you could say bob’s your uncle. Academia is totally on board with the EU, with the Remain agenda, and with supranational, globalist interests. To try to portray any academic writing today is some sort of rebel against the establishment is close to the outer reaches of chutzpah.


Air Hair Lair

Trumpenkreig is back, and this time has selected a bunch of words , thrown together in a way he imagines looks kinda intellectual. Must be some kind of anti – EU message in there.



He’s a good man.



Great guy. Genuinely the kindest person I know. Sad to see he has received so much abuse from the Brexit brigade but glad that he is carrying on sharing his expertise undeterred. Look forward to hearing more from him.



Like many others, I worry about ‘experts’ being too financially involved to take an objective position. When they don’t share my personal view, for me it makes absolute sense to insult, threaten and question their integrity, scornful that what they say is based merely on deep and exceptional knowledge of one particular subject (about which I am usually ignorant.)

Referendums are great … the irrefutable Will of the People. Whenever a decision is mind- bogglingly complex and deadly serious, we can trust clever Joe Public to know what is best. Why stop now? Let’s have a couple of referendums on brain surgery and bomb disposal techniques. Decide over a chat down the pub or the bingo. What could possibly go wrong?


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