Norton Rose Fulbright raises NQ pay to £75k

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Trainee money is increased too

The London office of Norton Rose Fulbright has become the latest corporate law firm to raise pay for its rookie lawyers.

Newly qualified solicitor remuneration at the global giant’s Thames-side headquarters increases from £72,000 to £75,000. This means that Norton Rose Fulbright overtakes fellow megafirm Baker McKenzie in the Most List NQ pay league to go on a par with Hogan Lovells and Travers Smith.

Trainee remuneration at Norton Rose Fulbright grows from £42,000 for first years to £44,000, and from £47,000 for second years to £48,000.

The firm is particularly well regarded for international secondment opportunities and its very fancy London office, scoring A* in these categories of the Legal Cheek Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey. It scooped As for training, quality of work, peer support and partner approachability. Working hours at Norton Rose Fulbright are pretty standard for an elite outfit, with an average arrival time of 9:05am and an average leave time of 7:56pm.

The rises come as a wave of junior lawyer pay inflation breaks across the City. In the last few days Legal Cheek has revealed salary hikes at Jones Day, Macfarlanes, Travers Smith and Akin Gump.

As ever, the pressure to increase pay rates comes from US firms, which are taking advantage of the weak pound to make their London offices more attractive to English law graduates. Expect more MoneyLaw movement as this hot summer rolls on.

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