‘Karate lawyer’ promises to take out corrupt judges using martial arts expertise in hilarious spoof advert

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By Thomas Connelly on

‘What I lack in formal legal qualifications, I make up for in karate moves’

What would it look like if a karate expert entered the legal services market?

Despite being a question that literally nobody has ever asked, an internet prankster has taken it upon himself to bring this bizarre scenario to life via a spoof advertisement.

The hilarious poster (pictured in full below) kicks off by revealing that ‘Michael’ has opened the “town’s first karate-based law firm”. Keen to differentiate himself in what is a highly competitive market, Michael intends to ditch the “clever legal arguments” and rely on his knowledge of the ancient martial art to bring case success to his clients.

Other services that Michael can provide, again using karate, include taking out corrupt judges, defeating prosecution lawyers, removing unhelpful jury members and obtaining immunity for clients.

Bringing his poster pitch to a close, Michael — who has attached a number of business cards to the poster — reassures prospective clients that “what I lack in formal legal qualifications, I make up for in karate moves”.

And it would appear our aspiring lawyer’s ad drummed up some interest. Well, from the police anyway.

A clarification (probably also a spoof) attached to the bottom claims that after a “heated discussion with a policeman, I have to make clear I am not legally allowed to represent defendants in a court of law.”

Astonishingly, this isn’t the first time mixed martial arts have graced the pages of Legal Cheek. In 2013 we brought to readers’ attentions the wood chopping exploits of black belt barrister Sarah Robson (video below). The civil law expert’s website described her as “dangerous — both in and out of court!”

Watch Sarah Robson in action below:

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