David Lammy is right to encourage use of modern slavery laws, says human rights lawyer

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MP’s report recommends more prosecutions under modern slavery legislation

David Lammy MP

The Lammy Review, the MP for Tottenham’s investigation into the treatment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals (BAME) in the UK’s criminal justice system, argues that the Modern Slavery Act 2015 should be more widely used to protect young BAME people.

David Lammy (pictured top) argues that the act, flagship legislation driven forward by then home office secretary, Theresa May, could be usefully adopted in the prosecution of gang leaders rather than simply arresting and detaining those individuals who are lower down the “criminal hierarchies”. The report says:

There is a settled narrative about young BAME people associating in gangs, but far too little attention is paid to the criminals who provide them with weapons and use them to sell drugs. A concerted approach to these issues would focus more attention and enforcement on the powerful adults much further up criminal hierarchies.

Lammy concludes: “New tools like the modern slavery legislation must be used to hold these adults to account for the exploitation of our young people.”

Michelle Brewer, a human rights barrister at Garden Court Chambers in London, says that that Lammy is right to look at the problem of young BAME people caught up in criminal gangs in this way. Brewer told Legal Cheek:

Society doesn’t see these young BAME people who get caught up in gangs like this as ‘victims’ of these frightening criminal networks. There is no appetite currently for the public authorities to investigate or prosecute those gang leaders. Instead, the authorities apprehend and detain these often very vulnerable young people and treat them as criminals.

She explains that this kind of activity could amount to modern slavery under the 2015 act: “There is a clear indication of child exploitation here. These gang networks are recruiting young people and this could fall within the definition of trafficking.”

Brewer is currently junior counsel in a human trafficking case involving a Vietnamese individual (referred to as ‘VCL’) where the claimant is arguing that there were similar issues of the public authorities failing to properly investigate a crime. The R v VCL case is now heading for the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Read the Lammy Review in full below:

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What about white slavery?



Has to be done. All those Brexiteers from small towns up North who have probably never seen someone non-White in the flesh don’t realise that we will need them to do all the work currently carried out by the lovely Europeans who they seek to prevent coming here.


Northern Soul (left-wing but realistic)

I think you will find that it is those small towns in the North that have been over-run by “non-white” grooming gangs and having local labour undercut by Eastern European workers competing for housing and resources know only too well the “benefits” of open borders.

Thing is, Brexit will not solve their problems as the horse has already bolted.



The housing debate is a whole other issue. The fact where we live in a society where people applaud others for buying up 3, 4, 5+ houses and living off the rent is outrageous. Tax on property 3 and above should be very high. That is the real issue and it is your traditionally well of rural 100% white British family (in the North), or foreign investment (in London and nearby) who are causing the housing issue. The poor white working class and your Poles and Italians are in the same boat.



Not sure who the dickhead who downticked the above post is – someone who invests in property I would imagine but they’re still a dickhead.

You are spot on my friend !



Did you even read the article?



Did you?

“The Lammy Review, the MP for Tottenham’s investigation into the treatment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals (BAME) in the UK’s criminal justice system”

No mention of white slavery.



Sob sob, play the victim. These people join gangs because they want to “floss” £145 trainers, enjoy the feeling of power that comes with being feared amongst their peer group and generally terrorise wider society. Treat them as individuals, stick them in jail along with their parents.



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That’s right. All people of a particular ethnicity are exactly the same as all people of the same ethnicity.

You really are a tool of the first magnitude aren’t you…



Did they really have to make the man walk up that big hill before taking the photo?!


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