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Parliament opens with first King’s Speech for 70 years

Lawyers on the lookout for new laws as Lord Chancellor bows before monarch in historical ceremony

Nov 8 2023 2:25pm

From the law to the lawn

The most famous tennis tournament in the world starts today; but did you know the first lawn tennis club was started by a solicitor?

Jul 3 2023 8:50am

The incredible true story of the only solicitor ever to hang for murder

A perfect 1920s murder mystery is explored in a compelling narrative by journalist and author, Stephen Bates

May 31 2022 10:01am

Law students could challenge marking on grounds of free speech

Experts raise concerns over costly new claims against universities from government’s new Free Speech and Academic Freedom Bill

May 19 2021 10:45am

Genocide and torture to be cut from controversial new bill aimed at limiting prosecution of overseas soldiers

Johnny Mercer MP quits over government’s failure to include protections for troops who fought in Northern Ireland

Apr 22 2021 11:06am

Legal experts highlight need for reform as Queen’s ‘anti-democratic’ vetting powers come to light

Over 1,000 laws needed Her Majesty's consent as result of archaic constitutional rule

Feb 12 2021 10:55am

IBA conference: Regulator has major role to play in junior lawyer wellbeing, argues Sheffield Uni law lecturer

Dr Emma Jones joins other top academics and charity LawCare to launch mental health research study

Nov 11 2020 9:17am

Why judges are not ‘Enemies of the People’

Legal Cheek reviews the latest book offering by legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg

Jun 30 2020 9:27am

How future lawyers can take advantage of the digital revolution

Legal Cheek reviews latest book offering from Professor Richard Susskind

Mar 9 2020 9:33am

It’s all about barrister v solicitor as Labour leadership contest gathers pace

Age-old divide rears its head in latest political battle

Feb 10 2020 9:41am

10 lesser-known election laws you need to know about

You can bring a puppy to the polling station, but political party t-shirts are a no-no

Nov 26 2019 11:33am

Law and politics: Is the romance finally over?

Fewer MPs have a background in law

Jul 29 2019 9:12am

Baker McKenzie ups NQ solicitor pay by almost A QUARTER to £95,000

Potential earnings could exceed £100,000 with bonus

Jul 17 2019 12:43pm

Junior lawyer numbers set to rocket following SQE roll-out, predicts Google-backed legal business chief

Super-exam also tipped as pro-diversity by legal entrepreneur

Jul 17 2019 11:09am

UK public prefers Obama over Blair as their ‘ideal lawyer’, survey finds

Hillary Clinton and Nelson Mandela also score highly

Jul 15 2019 10:22am

Can we put a price on a polar bear?

As part of Legal Cheek’s occasional series exploring buzzing legal research across the UK and internationally, today we examine the monetary value we place on the natural world

Jul 12 2019 10:09am