Farewell Lord Neuberger! Supreme Court judge hangs up robes as his right-hand woman takes over

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Lady Hale will be first female president

Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger is officially retiring from his justice post today, allowing Lady Hale to take his place.

Neuberger has enjoyed five years in the top judicial role. In that time he’s heard some of the most important cases of recent history (Miller, Nicklinson, etc), and saw the Supreme Court sit outside of London for the first time ever. He has delighted readers with his admitted love of Jay Z, though perhaps irked some when he, an Oxford chemistry grad, said science is harder than law. But this summer saw Neuberger enjoy perhaps his finest moment of all: an interview with Legal Cheek.

The 69-year-old will be remembered as a well-liked, personable president who kept calm in the face of Brexit pressure and oversaw great leaps in the Supreme Court’s openness and transparency (what other court has an Instagram account?) We’ll be sad to see him go, but with his retirement comes great opportunities for his successor, Hale.

There’s understandable excitement attached to Hale as a symbol of gender progress — she is the country’s first ever female head of the Supreme Court and its predecessor, the House of Lords. But as she officially takes up the presidency today, eyes have begun to turn to what her impact on the law will be.

Some legal commentators are particularly interested in her approach to family law, this being what Hale specialised in during her academic and legal career.

Generally speaking Hale has been credited as a pro-female voice in family law cases, which will likely be welcomed news to soon-to-be appellant Tini Owens.

Owens, 66, will appear before the Supreme Court in a divorce law case that has attracted huge media interest. Owens has been unable to divorce her elderly husband because successive courts have ruled his behaviour is not sufficiently unreasonable to make it divorce-worthy. Her lawyer, 1KBW’s Philip Marshall QC, has told Legal Cheek Owens is “very upset” and “frustrated” with the position she’s found herself in.

Will Hale and colleagues bring an end to her frustration? Leading legal affairs journalist Joshua Rozenberg said: “I hope Hale will soon free Tini from her chains.”

Hale will be official sworn in as the president of the Supreme Court on 2 October. New justices Lady Justice Black, Lord Justice Briggs and Lord Justice Lloyd Jones will start their new jobs on this day too.


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Just Anonymous

“Generally speaking Hale has been credited as a pro-female voice in family law cases…”

I have no significant knowledge of Hale’s family law judgments – or family law in general. I have no idea if this is a fair characterisation. However, my position is simple:

I don’t want a pro-female judge.

Nor do I want a pro-male judge.

I just want judges who can leave ideology at the door, and make sensible judgments, based on logic, evidence and a rational application of the law.



Logic? Hmmm. My dissertation supervisor (in law) told me that logic was an inherently male concept and was part and parcel of patriarchy’s epistemological colonisation of thought, which should not be taken as a given in any feminist discourse.



In plain English?



OK, here’s an attempt: there is a body of opinion among feminists that holds that the concept of “logic” was invented by and for men to serve their interests and, accordingly, it is neither necessary nor desirable to approach the world according to “logic”. Among adherents, this view will be held with varying degrees of strength, ranging from “approach logic with caution and think about whose interests it is serving”, to “disregard logic for it is an instrument of patriarchal oppression”.



The concept of logic in general is fine. Logic is just the use of sensible method or rules as a means of coming to rationale view on a topic. In general that view may in turn be used to serve either the interests of either men or women.

I understand there can be an argument that incorrect logic can be applied which will result in an irrational conclusion that is used to serve the interest of the person who applied that incorrect logic (for example, a man). However, to suggest that the concept of logic was merely invented for this purpose is complete nonsense.


Oh God. That awkward moment when you like Anonymous @ 12:59’s comment, only to then scroll down the thread and realise that it wasn’t actually parody…


It really isn’t parody. There are people that think that, or at least entertain the proposition. Including at least one full professor of the University of London.

The Legend of Essex

hahahahah here is an example of a woman who lacks logic arguing that logic doesnt exist using logic

Wankington Bear


Just Anonymous

You will find my response below at 0:39



It was great to re-watch your interview with Lord Neuberger Katie King. You were glowing with beauty and confidence.

Although he is quite modern in the sense he is a fan of Jay Z I know that he is a decent man. I hope that you didn’t make any indecent proposals to Lord Neuberger after the interview. I doubt he would succumb to such an offering, even from you.



“Lady Hale is my right-hand woman, I do not need your right hand young KK. Although you do have a very nice smile. Your lips look soft.”



Doubt she would do that. Isn’t she exclusive with Tom and Alex?



A slap up meal at Nandos followed by a few glasses of prosecco is often all it takes for standards to be significantly lowered. Imagine a luxury meal followed by champagne as a flash bar.



HAHA, I disagree. I think he buttered her baps very nicely. Double Neuberger with extra cheese every time.


Newburger LJ (no fries)

Fare thee well…


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