Tattooed lawyer stuns thousands of followers with shower selfies and underwear shots

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By Katie King on

Hot faces win cases

A law firm partner and model has wowed, or perhaps shocked, social media with his far from discreet selfies.

Business and entertainment lawyer Billy Flynn Gadbois (no link to fictional lawyer Billy Flynn of musical Chicago) works at Gadbois, Audet & Associates. The firm provides legal services in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and boasts clients including record label Wu-Tang Management.

But when single dad Gadbois isn’t advising clients, he’s being a “bad motherfucker” on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Gadbois, a University College London graduate, told Legal Cheek:

I try to be as genuine as possible on my social media, and let it reflect who I am. People are drawn to you when you are authentic, and that transcends the profession. You shouldn’t let the ‘lawyer’ label define you. You are born to be a ‘who’, not a what.

Delighting his 24,000 social media followers with all manner of selfies, the tatted attorney leaves little to the imagination in this underwear shot:

Nothing screams law firm partner more than a sexy shower selfie:

If you’re not feeling sufficiently uncomfortable yet, watch this:

Gadbois — who admits to having law firm T-shirts printed bearing the slogan ‘Hot faces win cases’ — seems used to life in the social media spotlight.

The Boston father went well and truly viral when a post about his relationship with his ex-wife was shared to the ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page. In it, Gadbois explained why he still treats his ex-wife. “I’m raising two little men,” he said, “the example I set for how I treat their mom is going to significantly shape how they see and treat women.” The post was liked by 740,000 people and shared 218,000 times.

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