11 photos from Halloween any lawyer will appreciate

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Tort law pumpkins and gargoyles on Doughty Street

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Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: the perfect chance to stock up on family-size packs of Haribo, struggle to fish novelty contact lenses out of your eyes and sift through questionable Facebook photos of your friends in Hugh Hefner/Playboy bunny costumes.

Some lawyers love it, UCL senior lecturer Steven Vaughan stating this morning:

Others, like Hardwicke barrister PJ Kirby QC, don’t:

Whatever your stance, Legal Cheek has been doing some Halloween-inspired social media digging and has found a plethora of law-themed costumes and decorations we don’t think you’ll be unable to resist raising a smile at. Here are 11 of the best:

1. Tort law pumpkin

Any student that’s had to navigate the weird world of oil-leaking vessels and cricket balls being hit out of grounds will know studying tort law can be pretty scary. So why not channel this into your pumpkin carving?

2. Gargoyles and ghouls on Doughty Street

We’re happy to see one Halloween-happy resident got into the spirit of things, creatively decorating the street best known among lawyers for housing its namesake chambers.

3. Elle Woods

This Legally Blonde icon is popular among law students, so why not bend and snap your way through this spooky holiday?

4. The Hunting Act

Passed in 2004, this piece of legislation banned hunting unless it is categorised as exempt (Schedule 1).

Halloween costume = the Hunting Act

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5. Ruth Ginsburg

We were hard pushed to find any UK Supreme Court justice costumes this year, but party-goers paying homage to Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) judge Ruth Ginsburg were all over the show.

6. Ruth Vader Ginsburg

Why not?

7. Injury lawyer

Mobile phone, wig and tie in place, this personal injury specialist is here to help with your pumpkin punch-induced trips and getting tangled in fake cobwebs slips.

8. Judges galore

If one sassy SCOTUS judge wasn’t enough for you, here’s a bunch of them.

9. Ghost, Ghoul & Goblin

They say lawyers love a good deal, but a deal with the devil?

In case you are looking for a lawyer #lawyerinwaiting #readytoserve #halloweenlawyer

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10. Judge Judy

We think this Twitter user captured TV star and family law specialist Judith Sheindlin perfectly.

11. Student loans

The most terrifying sight of all…

A real life horror story!! #halloween ???

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Happy Halloween! ?

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