11 things you’ll only understand if you study law at the University of Bristol

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By Katie King on

Queuing for law ball tickets? Ain’t nobody got time for that

The University of Bristol’s law school, housed in one of the city’s most distinctive buildings, takes on about 400 new students a year — but what’s it like to be one of them? Former law student and Legal Cheek features editor Katie King counts down 11 things you’ll only understand if you study at the West Country Russell Group.

1. The law building is the best

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Not only does it look like something out of Hogwarts, it’s just a stone’s throw away from a Sainsbury’s, a Subway, a Nando’s and a Pizza Express.

2. But that means half the university population is always in there

Nothing makes a law student madder than entering the law library and seeing groups of students with sociology, history, chemistry, maths, and French textbooks. Go back to the ASS!

3. You could read the works of Shakespeare twice in the time you have to queue for a law ball ticket

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Okay so you like Wills, but you don’t want to stand on its steps for the whole afternoon.

4. The lack of law lecture theatres surprised you in freshers’ week

You’ve spent more time in the physics building than you ever planned. The chemistry building is pretty nice though.

5. You feel suspicious that your lecturers’ names keep appearing on your reading lists

I wonder why your university is asking you to buy a £70 book by one of its academics?

6. Walking up Park Street to Wills feels like climbing Mount Everest

You’d only planned to pop to College Green for half an hour now boom, you’re close to fainting. Walking past Agora brings back bad Saturday night memories. At least you get to admire a Banksy on the way up, though.

7. You have to bring your sunglasses into the law library in the summertime

The light through those windows is blinding.

8. Bristol’s exam venue system is not okay

You can’t go through Temple Meads station anymore without getting exam flashback-induced palpitations. Also, if the university has to provide coaches to get to exam venues, they’re too far away.

9. Bristol Law School is not prided on its diversity

Public schoolboys aplenty.

10. Sneaking food and drink into the library is no mean feat

Yet there’s non-law students sitting across from you drinking out of Costa cups and eating pasta bowls? What the hell is going on?

11. Everyone’s an Oxbridge reject

Someone’s gotta say it.

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