Lady Hale acknowledges ‘Beyoncé of the legal profession’ comparison

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Exclusive: ‘It was on Legal Cheek, wasn’t it?’

The president of the Supreme Court, Lady Hale, is to many the Beyoncé of a judiciary otherwise filled with Michelle Williamses. Now, Legal Cheek can reveal Hale is aware of her pop star status among law students and she doesn’t mind it one bit.

This revelation came on Friday, when Hale met students at her old stomping ground, the University of Cambridge. Asked by one student if she’s aware of her Beyoncé likeness, Hale said yes, because a friend of hers told her about it. The family law specialist added: “It was on Legal Cheek, wasn’t it?”

Hale, the first female president of the country’s highest court, said that she doesn’t mind the comparison. You need really thick skin in the legal profession, so she doesn’t object to the humour. The Supreme Court declined to comment when approached by Legal Cheek.

The remarks follow an address by the University of Manchester academic turned appeal judge at The Cambridge Union. According to The Tab, Hale began her speech by noting her time as the sole female justice on the Supreme Court bench (she is now one of two) is not her first experience of gender imbalance.

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When she studied at Girton College, Cambridge, she said there were nine times as many places for boys as there were girls. In fact, Cambridge had only started awarding women degrees 15 years before she enrolled (before that, women could only gain the much joked about title BA (Tit)).

While the theme of gender equality and empowerment featured heavily in her speech — she described the judiciary’s lack of women as “absolutely shocking” — Hale couldn’t help but joke her fellow female Cambridge students enjoyed “the best sex ratio [they had] ever had in [their] lives”. A source who attended the event told Legal Cheek “she did mention a few times how much fun she had as a student here”.

While it’s far from uncommon for judges to give extra-judicial addresses at universities and practitioners’ events, the thrust of their work is, of course, hearing cases. Hale and six of her colleagues, including newbie justices Lady Black and Lord Lloyd-Jones, are currently hearing an important Northern Irish abortion law case.

Northern Ireland is not subject to the Abortion Act 1967, meaning its women cannot have abortions even where there is a serious foetal abnormality or where the pregnancy arises through rape or incest. Nathalie Lieven QC, who is representing the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission in the case, argues these laws are unjustifiably incompatible with articles 3 (no torture), 8 (family life) and 14 (no discrimination) of the European Convention on Human Rights. The law, which carries a sentence of life imprisonment, causes some women to go through “physical and mental torture”, Blackstone Chambers’ Lieven said. The case continues.

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Enjoy it while it lasts.

Soon enough they’ll be calling for your head because you’re too white and middle class.



She’s amazing.



Katie King, you are the Beyoncé of the legal press. You are the shining light that keeps me going in these dark times.



I think Katie probably weed a little when she heard that.



Lord Briggs: Justin Bieber of the Supreme Court 😍


Alpha Bro

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Beta Billy

Can I watch?


Alpha Bro

No way dude, that’s too weird.


Beta Billy

I promise not to film it on my phone this time. I swear that was just for my personal use and I did not share it with Sharon from accounts. Honest.


Alpha Bro

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Legal Cheek acknowledges “Heat/OK/Hello magazine of the legal profession” comparison


Bitter pill

The truth is Lady Hale is awesome and there is no one you can compare her to that even comes close.



Why is she awesome? Does she have more intellectual ability than her judicial colleagues?

Or is it just the fact she has a vagina and her opinions align with your politics that makes her awesome?



Trumpenkrieg – you were terribly bullied at school and teased by the girls.



I was at school with him.

He’s never quite got over being stripped and sissified by the girls in his class.


I Really Liked Neuberger

I think a lot of her popularity stems from her personality. She is quite likable, comes across as very genuine and reasonably down to earth. She engages well with students and the public, and shows that there is more to her than simply life at the bench. For a senior judge from Oxbridge in possession of a bus pass, she is quite modern.

Lady Hale reminds me a bit of that slightly nutty lecturer everyone had who was twice the age of all the others, but somehow managed to “get” students lot better.

I don’t think her judgements have got much to do with it (whether rightly or wrongly).



Well shit me, someone has only gone and given a straight answer to one of my questions without feeling the need to resort to snark.



But…Beyoncé is a diva…



Forget Hale, Lord Mance is the one to watch. He’s done some fantastic underground grime tracks under his widely known alter ego that I won’t mention here, and many people in South East London are tipping him as the new Stormzy. Not a bad judge either.


Sir Geffroy De Joinville

Qu’est-ce que beyoncé



“is to many the Beyoncé of a judiciary otherwise filled with Michelle Williamses”… don’t ever do this again!


Frustrated Writer

Katie was hitting the keys even harder than normal, each time causing Tom to jump. He asked her what the matter was, hoping that she wouldn’t respond. He was in luck. With her earphones in, blasting Destiny’s Child into her ears, Katie could not pick up Tom’s soft Scottish tones. He would not have to find out until later that Katie had published the article she was dreaming of. Her hero, Lady Hale, had accepted the nickname Katie had foisted upon her.

Sitting back and admiring her work, Katie felt bliss like she had never experienced before. It was a satisfaction that no man could bring her. It didn’t matter that she had made up her source, and had no evidence of her story. She believed that Lady Hale liked her nickname, and that was enough. Even if she didn’t, Katy honestly thought that saying it enough would make it stick. She clicked her mouse and the article went live. After the Amal article the other day, Katie thought that she could not do any more to parody herself; she was wrong. She had hit peak Katie King, and she loved it.



Ha. Beyonce and Amal in one week. Peak Katie King indeed.



Another top quality piece of writing from KK.



“The family law specialist added: “It was on Legal Cheek, wasn’t it?” – Cringe-worthy..



Girton was an all female college in those days, so it is surprising indeed to learn that there were 9 times as many places for boys as for girls when Lady Hale studied there. #basicelememtaryresearch #factcheckevenifonlywikipedia #journalistsneednotapply



She meant in Cambridge, not at her college specifically



This article reads as though it was written by / for GCSE students


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