That Baroness Hale is a social media pop babe!

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By Judge John Hack on

Are Supreme Court judges the new reality celebs?


Boy banders One Direction may be on the verge of disintegration and songstress Taylor Swift may be causing waves with Apple over streaming rights — but the big legal pop celebs are increasingly … the UK’s Supreme Court bench.

For an August silly season laugh, Legal Cheek this afternoon posted on the Book of Face an image tweeted earlier this year of an excited student meeting Brenda Hale. We thought it would liven a damp mid-week afternoon for a few social media addicts — but the image has gone bonkers: 550 “likes” so far and still climbing.

Baroness Hale, the Beyonce of the legal world

Posted by Legal Cheek on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Baroness Hale of Richmond is the deputy president of the Supreme Court. At 70, she is some 37 years older than Texan pop diva Beyonce. But it seems for some wannabe lawyers she’s got infinitely more pulling power.

As one Facebook commentator on the Legal Cheek page said: “Tina [whoever she is] would be buzzin her titties off!” if she were in such close proximity to the revered judge. Undoubtedly Lady Hale will be chuffed with the sentiment.

Meanwhile, it is not just Supreme Court judges — or even just living members of the bench — who are currently attracting rock star-style attention.

Early last year, Legal Cheek launched its fashionable Lord Denning t-shirt range. The novelty became a soar-away retail success, and now images are even appearing on Instagram — so that must mean cult status.

Here’s one chap getting arguably a little bit too excited over his Alfred of Hampshire haute couture.