Brexit campaigner Gina Miller receives law degree 30 years after dropping out of course

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Woman named UK’s most influential black person left University of East London for personal reasons

Gina Miller, the investment fund manager no doubt best known for leading the Article 50 judicial review against the government, has been given an honorary law degree from the university she dropped out of 30 years ago.

Miller, 52, had studied law at the University of East London (UEL) in her 20s, but dropped out following a “traumatic” personal event. “My sense of failure in myself is that I didn’t sit my finals,” she confided in Legal Cheek.

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Despite having left law school and instead pursuing a career in financial services, Miller is arguably one of the most familiar faces in legal history.

The mother of three became a household name last summer when she was listed as the lead claimant in what’s now become known as the Brexit legal challenge. Supported by a legal dream team of Mishcon de Reya solicitors and Blackstone Chambers’ Lord Pannick QC, Miller shot to victory not once but twice — both the High Court and the Supreme Court ruled Article 50 could only be triggered after a free vote in parliament.

Her constitutional law successes mean Miller’s case is etched on law school syllabuses for years to come, a fact that delights the university dropout. She told Legal Cheek:

“One university professor sent me a paper he’d written that has the case and my name in it. He said: ‘you might not have finished [your law studies], but your name is now set in stone in our legal system and will be taught to students.’ That really brought tears to my eyes — I felt so proud to have been able to have contributed something. I even did a talk at the Cambridge Union, and one of the students printed out the case and asked me to sign it! It’s quite an extraordinary thing.”

Since the case’s conclusion, Miller has been a vocal EU campaigner who, in an attempt to soften a hard Brexit, urged tactical voting in the June snap election. The marketing graduate also hit headlines when she accused the government of acting “above the law” in its £1 billion Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) deal. Though her fame may have slid post-Supreme Court victory, her work has lasting appeal: she was last week named the most influential black person in the United Kingdom.

So while Miller’s bona fide status as important legal figure remains undisputed, it’s now arguably been taken up a notch by her receipt of a law degree. The Guyanese-born businesswoman accepted her Doctorate of Laws at UEL’s Royal Docks School of Business and Law yesterday.

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Neither did she receive a law degree – it was an honorary doctorate.



Apparently she is when it suits her.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



shame you cant say that off annon tho



Perhaps she is ‘politically black’. Whatever TF that means.









Not Amused to pop up frothing at the mouth in 3..2…1…



Kids, she dropped out of law and made money.

99.9% of the derps on this forum will get their degree and go on to earn fuck all squared.

Think about it.



Is this how you’re coming to terms with flunking out of your LLB programme at the University of Derby?



Don’t believe everything you read.



Wonder what would happen with fees nowadays if you dropped out in the third year. Would you still have to cough up ~£27k?




University awards honoury degree to an individual who didn’t earn it, merely because it wishes to indicate just what a good and virtuous institution it is…



She’s a mascot. Without the people behind her putting up the cash for all her capers she’d be nothing.



Career in financial services = became a model went through two wealthy husband’s who worked in Financial Services.

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Here comes the Leave whiners with, no doubt, some accusation that the university or the East London area must be enemies of democracy for supporting someone that ironically upheld the parliamentary democratic system that Leave whiners often cite but apparently have little understanding of








Hello, soy boy.


Ciaran Goggins

Deep soy, very soy!



What have you won exactly you throbbing moron ?




Cackling Ball of Shite




To link dropping out and success to being of color is ridiculous. As for the career in financial services, she met her first husband as a model then on too no2. wealthy husband’s who worked in Financial Services = success. Have a honorary degree for your contribution to????

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Why bother studying these days. Launch a failed challenge against parliament and collect your Honorary degree from UEL.



Do you mean a successful* challenge against the executive*? You may need to listen more closely in public law, particularly that old chestnut “Introduction to the three branches of government”



I’m glad to see that Gina has now gained some sense and is campaigning for Brexit.

An excellent change of heart.



Recognition of a woman of principle with a backbone. Good on her.

Something that can’t be said of MPs on either side of the house.



Oh and Trumpenstein – swivel you bulb !


The Reverend Rabbi Rubin Trumpovitch

Backbone my arse. Like I said before, she’s a mascot, a public face for a very sordid campaign by certain… private interests to overturn the Brexit vote and subvert the democratic will of the British people. She is an individual of no substance and is in her position merely to provide the good optics for use in the propaganda war.

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Spot on!



What total and utter hogwash



Coming from East London and having watched my East End culture obliterated forever (within my short life time) by uncontrolled immigration (for which I blame the EU), it saddens me deeply that my local university has politicised itself, so ignorantly, by glorifying the women who has come to represent everyone who has taken advantage of this countries generosity and then spat on everything my forebears fought through two world wars to try and protect.
Shame on both this woman and also the University of East London.
Rest in peace Grandad; you can”t expect those who lack respect and honour to understand those who possess them.


Black West Ham Cockney George

What has mass immigration from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana and Somalia got to do with EU immigration??? I’m from East London, Forest Gate to be precise and the white cockney natives were already well on the way to extinction before the influx of people from Poland and the old Eastern block came in. But don’t worry Timmy, there’s a whole county for the likes of yourselves to flee to, it’s called Essex. Be lucky sunshine…



Clearly another Trumpentwat post trying to provoke. You do realise he’s often the only one in here right ?



If I attended the school she attended to, I would consider ending up at UEL a rather spectacular failure – which isn’t to say that’s the case for other, less-privileged individuals.

I would venture that her case was valueless in that it confirmed a rather obvious point of constitutional law and its impact on the issue that caused her to bring the case in the first place was the square root of zero. All she did was prove she has more money than sense, yet she still turns up on political programmes, offering “insights” and “arguments” that merely confirm to me that I was right to assume she is a person of limited intellect.


LL and P

Well said. Tbh she massively underachieved, and she came from a very privileged background in Guyana. She’s married a rich man and now we should ignore everything else and proclaim her a success? I suppose it is from UEL after all, and they must be desperate for some publicity. But I voted to remain so the case she fronted was very much welcome.


Mrs P I Collier

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Legal Cheek’s comments section continues to be a dumpster fire.



Another eu driven uni rewarding rebellious behaviour



Easy > Get Doctorate if you have money!!!

Money bought the Doctorate. If she did not have a rich husband, she would not have been able to challenge Brexit, which she lost!!! And, then she would not have got the Doctorate which hold no value without sitting for exams!!!



What a load of bull shit all cos she is black and talks crap she does everything just to line her own pocket


Ciaran Goggins

When will you do an article on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up? Isn’t Heather Stangoe nice? DS Dalby thinks so.


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