Cannabis law firm eyes London office launch

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This could make for a distinctive training contract experience

A US law firm that specialises in advising on cannabis law is looking to London as it gears up to expand internationally.

Colorado-based Hoban Law Group was founded in 2009 to provide legal advice to the US weed industry, which has surged since various American states began relaxing marijuana laws.

Describing itself as a “cannabusiness” law firm, Hoban Law has 34 lawyers who operate a “full service” practice across all areas of the cannabis industry, specialising in the industrial hemp, medical and adult use markets.

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Having established a presence in “nearly every state where legalisation has occurred” in the US, Hoban Law is now casting its gaze overseas, with managing partner Robert Hoban telling the US legal press:

“We have accepted the challenge of being global cannabis industry leaders and experts and will work with strategic partners… to move the industry forward across six countries.”

According to The American Lawyer, “a firm spokeswoman singled out London as one city that would host a new outpost for Hoban Law”.

Hoban Law has not yet responded to Legal Cheek’s request for comment.

It’s not clear why Hoban Law has earmarked London, where you could still face a maximum of five years in prison for possessing cannabis, and a maximum of 14 years for supplying or producing the Class B drug. Indeed, as recently as July, the UK government declared that it will not legalise cannabis — in spite of the change in mood across the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, pressure is building on the UK to re-look at its drug laws amid calls from celebrities including Professor Green, Sir Richard Branson and Sting for a rule change.

Certainly, training at a cannabis law firm would offer a rather different experience to your standard TC. Would post-work drinks include bongs with the partners?

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This firm will go to pot within a few weeks.



No doubt, they’ll make a hash of it.


Barrel scraper

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone(r)s!


Gus the Snedger

I wonder if it’s a joint venture?


Bill the Mole

What a sp(l)iffing idea for a firm!


Me wonder if dey have a regional office in de Dutchy of Cornwall?

Corbyn. Symphathiser

Mary Jane.


A challenging practice area – seems like a good way to weed out any trainees not up to the job.

Charlotte Proudman QC

I weed myself laughing when I read this.



“Would post-work drinks include bongs with the partners? ”

Good to see Alex picking up the baton from Tom of writing deeply unfunny jokes



I’d like to say that Alex must have been stoned when he wrote that joke. But I think he’s always that unfunny.



The comments section jokes are funnier than what Alex can come up with. Yet supposedly it’s his job to be a writer.



Must be something in the water of LC that renders them all incapable of having a sense of humour



🎼I wanna be a hippy…🎶


Wannabe hippy

Me too!



Working hours generously finish at 4.20.



The partners might get so stoned that they’d offer Alex a job.
Imagine the post-spliff regret.



“That was some gooood weed. Did we do anything stupid?”
“We promised that hack from Legal Cheek that we’d finally give him a job at a law firm”.

Worst comedown ever.



They have built this firm up to knock it down. Just like Tall Poppy syndrome…

I’ll get my coat.


Plexus law are the best in the world

I hear Jones Day Partners have exciting ways of ‘sticking‘ rolled joints, with a little help from a willing trainee…



I wonder where they will get their working capital from? UK law regards their profits as representing the proceeds of crime, even in states where it is legal, so they can’t use that.


Editor of Legal Cheek

Wow, so much good material in the comments section here. Better than the absolute bollocks that is written in my articles. Shame really.

Alex, are you sure you Marijuana do this? I am pretty sure you have been puffing the magic dragon, you big fucker. This is the Editor of Legal Cheek here. I am in love with the comments and will insist that you give us more.

Anyway, I am going for a salad. Katie’s salad to be exact, I better get ready for that dusty, powdery old fanny.

*Purple Monkey Dishwasher


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