Junior barrister whose ‘inappropriate behaviour’ made women feel ‘uncomfortable’ admits he got professional help after #MeToo shaming

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Rupert Myers pens tell-all piece

A prominent junior barrister who was dropped from his British GQ political correspondent role in the wake of allegations about his behaviour has revealed how it felt to be “publically shamed” in the Harvey Weinstein fall-out.

Just over a month ago, East Anglian Chambers barrister Rupert Myers was sacked by British GQ after allegations about his behaviour surfaced online. The publication’s statement read:

“Having been made aware of some allegations against Rupert Myers, GQ can confirm that it has terminated its freelance agreement with him, with immediate effect. He is no longer GQ’s Political Correspondent.”

Myers — previously an active Twitter user who had the Twitterati in stitches with his satirical Supreme Court commentary during the Brexit legal challenge — then appeared to deactivate his social media account. Now, his account is bare but online, his bio reading: “Returning in 2018.” It also says: “That’s not my headline”, perhaps, though by no means definitively, a reference to the headline on his new 1,000+ word piece in the Evening Standard.

In the Myers-penned article, headlined: “Rupert Myers: Being publicly shamed over sexual harassment allegations pushed me to the edge”, the Cambridge-educated commercial law barrister recalls being “publicly shamed in the early days of #MeToo following the Weinstein story.”

He recalls a woman speaking out about her “discomfort” at Myers’ attempt to kiss her. “I was shocked,” he said. “My recollection differs in some respects, but I understand now that what I did upset her.” He later admitted: “I propositioned women and made them feel uncomfortable through my inappropriate behaviour.”

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Seemingly in response to the public shaming he describes, Myers said he has “engaged in serious, professionally led work to ensure that my misjudgements are a relic of the past.”

He continued:

“I make no excuses for my misconduct, nor do I seek to diminish the seriousness of anyone’s experience. Not everything I have read about myself has been accurate, but as a consequence of women coming forward to describe how I have behaved and how they felt, I have been presented with the opportunity to re-assess incidents in my past. This has led me to ask searching questions of my character.”

Reflecting further, Myers, who was called to the bar in 2008, said he is “grateful” for how this event has forced him to ask questions about himself. After admitting he “was part of the problem”, Myers urges society to “accept, embrace and encourage the willingness of individuals to change”.

Elsewhere in the piece Myers — who said he seeks no sympathy — expressed his gratitude to The Samaritans, a charity that provides emotional support.

“If you ever find yourself questioning what — if anything — you have to live for, I would encourage you to call them,” the article says. “It is painful for me to admit this, but is no overstatement to say that a few close friends and the careful patience of that volunteer who offered to stay with me on the phone brought me back from the edge. None of this is easy to talk about, and I have always been a relatively private person, but the magnitude of the response, the intensity of the media, the ongoing fury of the internet, and the loss of a job I loved have left a permanent impact.”

The piece finishes with the following note: “The fee for this article has been donated to The Samaritans”.

Myers’ article has received some less than complimentary responses on social media. One said: “not even fit for toilet paper”, while another jibed: “My tiny violin”.

A number of other Twitter users believe the Evening Standard should have published a piece written by a sexual harassment victim, an example of this here:

Legal Cheek has made steps to contact Myers about this social media reaction, but has not yet heard back from him.

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Poor guy


Is this the same one who is known as “Poopy Roopy “ because of an odd fixation?


Ah, nappy fetish is it?


No, smelly bellend!


Pity someone wasn’t at the edge to help him over it …

Not Amused

Live by left wing irrational hypocrisy, die by left wing irrational hypocrisy.

Corbyn. Symphathiser

Not sure how “don’t sexually harass women” is left wing irrational hypocrisy, but there you go.


Look under: Clinton, William Jefferson.


1) Left wing irrational hypocrisy is an oxymoron.

2) You are a moron.


You mean tautology, not oxymoron.


Too soon, should’ve given it longer


This article is about me. me. me. meeeeeee


50+ allegations. This man seems like an arch-manipulator whose chutzpah knows no bounds. Feel very, very sorry for his wife.


Not a single shred of sympathy for you, Rupert Myers.

Life was sweet when you could still use your pulpit at GQ to deride those men you considered did not to live up to your enlightened idea of masculinity.

Everything was swell when you could still play the progressive Tory for all your hip London friends at the expense of shitting on the rest of us.

Well it’s all gone tits up now, hasn’t it, Rupert? The same cabal of hashtagging feminist grievance-mongers you served so faithfully have cast you out on the basis of a half-baked allegation by an mediocre journalist looking to use your name to promote her book.

Let me tell you, Rupert, the schadenfreude is simply delicious.

And to top it all off, you are optimistic enough to think you can get on your belly and crawl back to relevance with this shitty attempt at self-criticism.


This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Wow, Trumpenkreig’s hitting the baseline and the corners in today’s tennis match !!

1960's throwback

Whatever happened to alpha males?

I blame the Spice Girls and Margaret Thatcher.

Corbyn. Symphathiser

Alpha males don’t exist. David Mech, who theorised and popularised the term in a book of his about wolves, subsequently disavowed his theory as his research on captive wolves has no basis in the natural world.

I do dislike both Thatcher and the Spice Girls, though – the former more than the letter.


Impostering sissy


… attempts to kiss woman and gets rebuffed……what is the story here? unless he did something else….


He did more than that to my friend.


Must be hard to get girls when you look like a legoman.


He should be unapologetic as they will crucify him anyway. Should lead a manosphere counterattack that trying to get off with women is how the friggin species is perpetuated. No wonder white birth rates are in such decline. We are going to disappear if we batter men anymore.

Corbyn. Sympathiser

Lmao, “muh white berf rates”. Get outta here, bigot


Of course you’re not concerned with white birth rates, you’re too busy sticking dildos up your arse with your purple haired trigender friends.

Corbyn. Symphathiser

No, it’s because I’m not a white supremecist imbecile.


That’s disablist, non?


Why are you laughing your arse off at the idea that white birthrates are in decline. And why say muh ? Are you a bit too full of yourself in proportion to your intellect ? Corbyn. You are white yourself.

Corbyn. Symphathiser

I think you need a bit of a lie down, friend.


You are 9 nil down on the comment in question whether I lie down, row in the gym, sit at a desk or stand up. 😁
Trumpenkreig happens to be 11.3 up. He doesn’t win many either !


I noticed that too. It must pain a zealot like Corbyn Sympathiser to see that his anti white nonsense is not getting much traction in a forum of lawyers and law students.


What’s worse is that Corbyn. Sympathiser is an imposter of the original Let’s Go Champ.


This is in essence the defeatist subservience of feminism to neo-liberal capitalism, where the merest suggestion of any aspect of female sexuality becoming subject to male interest must nessessarily result in the passing of consideration or subsidy. Feminism now is essentially a monopolistic vagina marketing board and sexual Interaction solely a forum for rent-seeking.

Ciaran Goggins

Yet more subconscious phallocentric oppression of wimmin. The patriarchy made me do it.


Some or all of the allegations against him may or may not be true, I’m not aware that they were ever all investigated.

Public shaming is a form of sexual harassment though.


what are the allegations?


It was reported that an allegation was made on Twitter by an author, but other than that I’m not sure, just that allegations were made, or so it was reported.

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