Barrister’s satirical Supreme Court commentary has twitterati in stitches

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Even Dara Ó Briain was loving it


A Cambridge-educated barrister has provided lawyers with some light relief from the constitutional law intricacies of the Brexit legal challenge, in the form of some hilarious tweets.

The legal commentariat was out in force yesterday livetweeting the Miller judicial review case, which kicked off in the Supreme Court at 11am. Contract and commercial law advocate Rupert Myers, however, offered tweeters something a little bit different…

Then there were these gems.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Here’s some more greatness courtesy of the East Anglian Chambers barrister.

As readers are probably aware, Myers’ tweets are satirical and not to be taken seriously — but that didn’t stop the likes, retweets and replies rolling in. Even Irish comic Dara Ó Briain, of Mock the Week fame, shared his appreciation.

The hearing continues today, with the claimants scheduled to give oral submissions this afternoon. And judging by Myers’ Twitter timeline this morning, expect more comical Supreme Court commentary.



Rupert is far better at satirical tweets than when he tackles reality.

Myers is the epitome of political correctness and pompousness.



True. These are quite amusing, but most of the time he is unbearably sanctimonious.


Twatter of Counsel

Watch his career take a nose-dive.

Tweeting barristers never end well-




True story – I bumped into Charlotte Proudperson at Court yesterday.

She’s much plainer looking in person.



Shame he’s a rude opponent and second rate barrister. Easily beaten in court even the time I had a stonking hangover. You can tell he’s Oxbridge educated from his sense of entitlement and douchbaggery



Had it been a good night out? Any good stories for the #lads?



There was one story involving a chambers clerk, a Lord Justice of Appeal and an Old English Sheepdog but I’m saving that one for the Daily Mail.



You tease. Can you at least reveal what beverages you consumed?

In my book a good night always starts with three or four beers (ciders prohibited), moves on to spirits (mixed or neat – I like a jagerbomb myself), before ending in an orgy of champagne, or at the very least prosecco. Any females and/or dancing is a bonus.



“A public school and Oxbridge County Court hack who resembles an over-grown schoolboy, with tweets to match.”



The first few were funny but the rest were just variations on a theme that wore thin very quickly.



Why mention in the second word that he’s Cambridge educated? He’s not a student, and qualified 7 years ago. It’s the sort of thing he’d do!
I have also been against him in Court and both in and outside the courtroom he’s the ruddest opponent I’ve ever had.



I don’t know where you get that impression from. I’ve been against him many times. He’s charming


Twatter of Counsel

Hello Myers


Real Barrister (unlike everyone else here!)

I’ve also been against him in court. He’s a top bloke and you guys are all haters.


Not Rupert

Hi Rupert *waves*


A Solicitor

Lawyers shouldn’t try to be funny.


Rupert Meyrs

I don’t try. I am.



He’s not funny. He’s not even coherent. His political writing is a sort of stream of consciousness mush that never really argues for anything at all, least of all anything remotely Conservative.



Much like your dear leader, Calypso the Clown?

Mmmm… Trumpenballs.


Calypso the Clown

I don’t “do” being criticised.

Please take note.



Where’s not amused? Surely he’s outraged by all this?



His tweets were funny yesterday, today is a different matter.



I don’t recall Neuberger being a colleague of Dredd!?


Lord Cheeseburger

I know the outcome already!

Exciting isn’t it? Mnk mnk!

🎼 My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard 🎤


Lord Keith Of Kinkel

He really isn’t funny.

But he thinks he is, so is going to make himself look an even bigger twat over the next few days with his efforts…


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