I run my own business and I’m worried it will impact my training contract chances

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I don’t want firms to think I won’t accept authority

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one training contract-seeker wonders whether graduate recruitment teams will embrace or reject his business-savviness.

“I am a 2:2 law graduate who is now studying the LPC with the LLM with a view to securing a training contract. At the start of 2016, myself and a friend starting running our own tribunal representation business for clients who need representation for benefit appeals. No service in my area does this anymore due to funding and there is a market for it. It’s moving along nicely now and just starting to pick up, but I cannot go any further in terms of business without becoming qualified. The issue I have, other than my academics, is whether running a business will make it less likely that I will be successful in applying. Yes I have more experience, but I’m worried firms might think I cannot accept authority and that I’m only seeking a TC to further my business. My question to readers is: does a firm want to train someone who already has experience of running his own cases independently, etc, or someone they can mould?”

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