Investigation launched after fake ‘Punish a Muslim day’ letter misusing Courts & Tribunals Service address surfaces online

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HMCTS says letter encouraging people to attack Muslims ‘contradicts all we stand for’


An investigation is underway after a racist letter misusing the contact details of Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) went viral on social media. HMCTS says it is in no way associated with the “deeply offensive letter” and has referred the matter to the police.

The letter, which has racked up tens of thousands of retweets since it surfaced on Twitter, encourages members of the public to participate in “Punish a Muslim day” on 3 April. Urging readers “not to be a sheep”, the hate-filled note features a points-based “rewards” system for those who choose to go out and commit crimes against Muslims. Legal Cheek understands the letter has also been circulated around other social media platforms including Facebook.

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Bizarrely, the letter goes on to say “for further enquiries please contact HM Courts & Tribunals Service”, before giving the organisation’s official London address. The viral post also contains a crest used by HMCTS and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Both organisations have stressed that this letter has nothing to do with them.

In a statement posted on Twitter, HMCTS said the “deeply offensive letter… contradicts all we stand for”. It confirmed it had reported the matter to the police.

Addressing concerned social media users, a tweet from the MoJ’s official Twitter account also stressed “this is not a Ministry of Justice or HMCTS letter, and it is being investigated”.

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