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Hosted in the highest events space in London, the Legal Cheek Awards was an evening of glitz and glamour. See what went down at the event — kindly sponsored by BARBRI International — in this short video, which was filmed and edited by narrative filmmakers Stock + Bokeh. Spoiler: contains dancing, clinking glasses and that all-important magician.

The full list of the Legal Cheek Awards winners, complete with photos from the night, can be found here.



I went down that night too.


Corbyn. Sympathiser

Is that Tumpenkreig’s mum?



I believe it was Jones Day Trainee, but the name mysteriously changed to Anonymous.



Self indulgent rubbish


Frustrated Writer

Alex had to take an extra job manning the fryers at his local chicken shop to fund his awards ceremony folly, spending months returning each night to the airbed in his mum’s garage wreaking of oil and chicken gizzards. But it was worth it. His nervous speech, praising himself for bridging the gap to the profession for the hoards of legal students in the UK may have been a load of nonsense, concocted in the early hours the night before whilst staring at the empty bottles of knock-off Smirnoff vodka that he knew were too cheap to be legit, but Alex had had his moment in the sun.

He had overstretched though that night. What was meant to be his greatest triumph turned to disaster. As he stepped off the stage that night, a wide eyed young woman approached him. Loud enough for a group of smartly dressed young lawyers stood nearby to hear, she had nervously asked “Alex, you’re my hero. Can I have your autograph?” As the group turned and looked, curious about the interruption, Alex produced a thin gold pen, and a small photograph from his pocket. The photograph was of Alex reclining on a chez long, wearing nothing but a pair of gold boxers, hand clasped under his chin as he stared reflectively into the middle distance.

He signed it. “What’s your name, love?” he asked, chest puffed.

The girl looked around. “Erm, my real name?” her looked changed to confusion. “You didn’t tell the agency what name to use”

Alex paused. His eyes widened. “Your name.” He nodded as if to prompt her.

The girl looked confused. “But I thought I’m just supposed to ask for the autograph?”

Frustrated, Alex signed the picture and passed it to her. “Never mind, have a great evening”. He forced a grin, patting her gently on the shoulder, bringing his face closer to her ear so he could whisper just quietly enough for the watching crowd not to hear “Don’t you think I’m paying you now!”

The girl looked crestfallen as she wandered away, still clutching the photo. The group of young lawyers returned to their conversation, nonplussed.

After that near miss, Alex saw it as a personal challenge to wring as much as he could from his so-called awards. He knew that Katie would be angry for again bumping one of her sanctimonious articles bemoaning the gender pay gap at some random law firm, but Legal Cheek was his publication, not hers. He had a video he had put together and had to publish it. The awards, and indeed Legal Cheek was all about him, and she just had to get on with it.


Benny Goodman

Love your work. But nb typo – “reeking”



Someone has too much time on their hands 🌚



what a diverse event…


Dylan Peroni Matthews

There is a non-white person at 00:43.



KK looking fit.



Could have shown more leg and cleavage, but fine nonetheless


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