Beano sends spoof cease and desist letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg

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It orders MP to stop ‘masquerading’ as one its cartoon characters

Beano has fired off what appears to be a spoof cease and desist letter to Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, requesting that he refrain from “masquerading” as Dennis the Menace’s arch-nemesis Walter the Softy.

The comic book company has written to the MP for North East Somerset claiming he has “adopted trademarked imagery and brand essences of the character to the benefit of enhancing your career and popularity.”

The ‘legal letter’, signed by Mike Stirling, head of Beano Studios in Scotland, goes on to “firmly request” that the well-known Eurosceptic “cease and desist in your ongoing impersonation” of Walter.

The pink bowtie-wearing character, who does happen to bear a striking resemblance to the Eton-educated politician, first appeared in the Beano in 1953, and is often on the receiving end of Dennis and his friends’ bullying.

But it would appear Rees-Mogg has taken the Beano’s online banter in good spirits. Responding to the tweet, which at the time of writing has garnered more than 3,500 retweets, he said:

“I am flattered to be accused by the Beano’s legal eagles of imitating Walter the Softy whose powerful physical prowess is so much greater than my own.”

This isn’t the first time a cease and desist letter has been been used for comedic effect.

Last year, we reported that the manufacturers of Bud Light beer had sent a town crier with a calligraphy-covered scroll to the offices of a rival brewer, after the latter launched a new beer called “Dilly Dilly”. This phrase is a marketing slogan that features heavily in Bud Light’s popular US TV adverts, which are Medieval-themed.

Closer inspection of the legal letter parchment revealed the brewery could flog its existing stock of Dilly Dilly beer, but requested it refrain from selling future products under the catchy name.

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JRM is a nasty piece of work



What has he said/done that’s nasty?



His standpoint on abortion, sharing of domestic chores, etc.



How dare he oppose murder


Corbin. Sympathiser

Bugger off. He’s a facist and you know it.


Corbyn. Sympathiser posts in a nutshell: blah blah blah bugger off blah blah blah facist.

Corbyn. Sympathiser

Bugger off.


If anyone is facist, it’s the Beano Studios: they’re the ones dissing JRM on account of his face.

Man with an opinion

Since when was having an opinion fascistic? He’s never appealed the the suppression of opposing views. Regardless different viewpoints are needed to have a healthy democracy. He’s a Catholic and should be allowed to believe in the teachings of the church.


Abortion isn’t murder. You snowflake.

Scouser of Counsel

It bloody well should be in many circumstances.

Most EU countries have a limit of 12 weeks unless it’s to save the life of the mother.

Our 24 week limit means that an unwanted baby can be aborted, legally, at a stage where a wanted baby born prematurely will be given life support and efforts made to save it.

Why is the wanted one a human being whereas the unwanted one is just a “foetus”.

Unpopular view, I accept, and even more unusual for a leftie like me to hold it, but a view I’m not afraid to express.

Scouser of Counsel


Corbyn. Symphathiser

I bloody well is in many circumstances. For example, if you attempt to have an abortion at over 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Whilst there is no exact date and time as to the viability of any foetus, and one will be viable at, say, 25 weeks while another wouldn’t, 24 weeks is the typically recognised as the very minimum time of viability, and this carries with it significant chances of major disability. Further, most neonatologists would only generally consider giving care for a child after 26 weeks (

This being the case, with 24 weeks being exactly the threshold, it is reasonable that this should be the deadline for abortion, even as a mother who suffers a premature birth at this same time would be reasonable to ask for care for their wanted child.

I don’t know what other circumstances you mean. Do you mean that abortion should be considered murder after 12 weeks? Given that a foetus certainly wouldn’t be viable at 13 weeks, what would you propose as a punishment for any woman who had an abortion at this time? Would you press for full murder charges? I think that would be extremely callous.


I would advocate that 12 weeks is an appropriate limit as that is when the heart starts beating and the central nervous system starts firing away.

Most EU countries agree.

How whether the child is a “wanted” one born prematurely or an “unwanted” one being aborted late should have any bearing on whether it should be saved is monstrous IMHO.

Corbyn. Sympathiser

And what would you consider an appropriate punishment for a woman who tried to have an abortion at 13 weeks, months before a foetus is viable? I don’t know if you, like Scouser of Counsel, would consider this murder or not. I think the majority of the EU have it wrong here.


Too vague. Give us a precise quote.


BPTC student

What is wrong with his stance on sharing of domestic chores? I think neither his wife nor himself do any, as he pays his servants to do those for them (which servants have contracted with him on the free market to do those chores and I am sure are free to leave his employ if they were unhappy with it).

If I were in such a financial position, I would happily adopt such a stance on my domestic chores.


Not a Tory...but irritated nevertheless.

Oh yes. Because yet again, reverse snobbery is all fine and fun. What if a publication made fun of a politician for being “common”? That wouldn’t be acceptable, would it?! PISSES. ME. OFF.



Yes, but is it the same? Taking the piss out of the rich kid, taking the piss out of the poor one? Discuss.


s.32 Salmon Act 1986

Difficult to make a case that bullying a child is acceptable due to the financial position of the child’s parents.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

Ah yes, that well known infant, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.


Ciaran Goggins

His wife is hawt, Bristol Uni, natch.


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