Judge behind emotional employment tribunal fees ruling appointed Supreme Court deputy president

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Lady Hale’s new right-hand man revealed

Lord Reed has been named the new deputy president of the Supreme Court. The top judge will replace Lord Mance after he retires on 6 June.

Lady Hale, the president of the court, says she’s “delighted” about Reed’s appointment, describing him as “a most distinguished and deeply principled jurist”. She added: “I am confident that the court will be well served by his appointment and that together we will make a great team.”

As for what we know about Hale’s new right-hand man, Reed was appointed to the Supreme Court bench in February 2012. Unusually he didn’t do his undergraduate degree at Oxbridge, but in Edinburgh, then later studied postgraduate at Oxford.

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The new deputy pres went on to qualify as an advocate in Scotland and as a barrister in England, practising both civil law and crime. He is a member of the panel of ad hoc judges of the European Court of Human Rights. Reed said:

“I look forward to working with Lady Hale in providing leadership to the court. I am committed to promoting the court’s role and activities, both in our national life and internationally.”

Reed is also known in legal circles for a recent tear-jerking judgment he gave.

About a year ago, Reed and six other justices ruled that employment tribunal fees are unlawful. He gave the lead judgment in the case, which made employment law silk Sean Jones QC a little emotional.

In the wake of this ruling, a number of top legal names, such as legal affairs journalist Joshua Rozenberg, last summer backed Reed for deputy president. However, Mance defied these predictions when he was appointed to the role first, in September.

Details of Reed’s swearing-in ceremony will be announced in due course.

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” Unusually he didn’t do his undergraduate degree at Oxbridge, but in Edinburgh…”

Hardly unusual for a Scottish lawyer is it? And it’s convention for there to be at least one Scottish and one Northern Irish judge on the Supreme Court so not very unusual at all…



Oxbridge is just standard for the UKSC.




Durham, Queens Belfast, Edinburgh etc.



Yes. Embarrassing to have non-Oxbridge judges in the Supreme Court. It is sadly becoming standardised: Hughes and Black went to Durham. People like this would have got no way near the House of Lords as was. It is also worth remembering that the Northern Irish and Scottish judges are not there on merit but ex officio. If we did not have to have them there, they would not get within spitting distance of the county’s highest court. Their professional and academic backgrounds are frankly sub par.



I assume this is a joke…

Shock horror! The BCL and a RG degree – how diverse! Never in my day!

Next thing we will see SC Judges with just a degree from Bristol and the Cambridge LLM! You turn your back for one minute!



Don’t be obtuse. She means unsual for the Supreme Court. (And actually most of the Scottish judges have been Oxbridge graduates, followed by the obligatory stint at a Scottish university to read Scottish law, to enable them to practise law in Scotland. Rather than people who, like Reed, are non-Oxbridge and engage in degree laundering at post graduate level – which fools nobody.)



Jesus Christ, Katie, he’s not “Lady Hale’s right hand man” – imagine if a woman got a promotion to a position she could be proud of in its own right, and a media publication took the line that she’d become her male boss’s new right-hand lady or something similarly inane.

Your obsession is as baffling as it is scary.



He’s the deputy president of the court – it’s not unreasonable to describe him as the president’s ‘right hand man’. Gender has nothing to do with this one.



Left hand person?



Your mother is my left hand person and I give her back office support


Judge hobosexual

Nothing baffling, it’s just lady Hale has offered Katie a free no holes barred 50 shades of gray sesh for every article she writes about her



Why do you post this drivel?


Judge hobosexual

It’s mostly because I get a free no holes barred 50 shades of gray sesh from your mum every time I do




Judge hobosexual

Yes, that is indeed one of the holes included in the no holes barred 50 shades of gray sesh


Hehehahaha XD #ded


Whatever. SOLENT is in the top 20 now. Eat that, losers.


Lord Reed

I am Lady Hale’s right hand man. Get back to work all of you!





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